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Your cabin on board the ferry: everything you need to know

Planning to book a ferry? If you sail at night you are often required to reserve a cabin. A private cabin can also be very pleasant for a long boat trip during the day. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about your cabin on the ferry.

The benefits of a cabin on board the ferry

After a good night's sleep in your own cabin, you get into the car the next morning well rested: ready for the last part of your journey. These are all the advantages of a cabin on board the ferry:

  • Enjoy the privacy of your own cabin
  • Go to sleep well and wake up rested. Now suddenly that journey doesn't seem so long anymore!
  • Families with young children have a place for naptime
  • You can shower and go to the toilet in your private en-suite bathroom
  • Do you suffer from seasickness? You might feel less nauseous when you lie on your bed

Why would you reserve a cabin for a sea voyage during the day?

The advantage of a cabin during the day is that you can retreat and relax in the privacy of your own room. Perfect for families with young children: let the little one take an afternoon nap in peace. Read a book yourself and freshen up in the private bathroom.

Are you dreading the trip because you easily get seasick? Then the prospect of your own place on board can be a nice idea. Lying in bed often reduces the nausea. If possible, try to get some sleep.

SEASICK – What is the best place on board the ferry if you get seasick easily? Book a cabin in the middle and low in the ship. You feel the swell of the waves less here than on the upper deck and at the ends of the ferry.
Ginger or seasickness medications? Also read: How to avoid seasickness on a ferry

A simple place to sleep or a super deluxe suite

Most ferries are equipped with a wide range of cabins. Single, double or family cabins. And standard, comfort or premium cabins. The biggest differences are usually the bed (bunk bed, single or double bed), room size and facilities. And of course the price varies enormously per type of cabin. You will see the prices when booking your tickets. For an overnight trip the standard cabin is often included in the price.

On every ship there are wheelchair-accessible cabins and special cabins where you can stay with your pet.
standard cabin ferry
Standard cabin on board the ferry

Facilities standard cabin and premium cabin

The standard cabins have free toiletries, towels and bed linen. You sleep in a single bed or a bunk bed. The economy cabin looks basic, but offers enough comfort and facilities for a pleasant crossing.

What do the more expensive cabins have to offer?

There is room to dance! The more luxurious suites on board are a lot more spacious than the standard cabin and feel like a hotel room. You sleep in a double bed, watch television and make yourself a cup of coffee. Usually there is also a minibar in the cabin.

You can make the crossing as luxurious as you want and turn it into a real cruise experience. For example, the DFDS ferry from Copenhagen to Sweden has a suite with a Jacuzzi on your private balcony where you can enjoy the fantastic view of the fjords.[1]

commodore de luxe DFDS lounge
If you book a Commodore-de-Luxe cabin with DFDS, you get access to the exclusive lounge

Sea view cabin on the ferry

An important question: are you going for an inside or outside cabin? The outside cabins have a window or porthole and are usually located just above the waterline. You have a fantastic ocean view and can stare out the window for hours. The inside cabins have no windows and therefore no natural daylight. Logically, the outside cabins are more expensive than the inside cabins.

Is there WiFi on board?

A pressing question indeed! You can certainly do without internet for a while, but the entire crossing? We can reassure you, because WiFi is available on all ferries. However, the costs differ per ferry. On some ferries you can buy a WiFi package and on others there is free Wifi. Sometimes there is only WiFi in public areas and not in your own cabin. Check the specific WiFi conditions for your crossing in advance on the ferry company's website.

When should you leave your cabin?

Did you sleep well after a night at sea? Then it's time to get up. Go to the restaurant for a nice breakfast, gaze out over the ocean and see your destination looming in the distance. Typically, about 30 to 40 minutes before arriving at the port, you will hear an announcement and be asked to leave your cabin. Check out on time and prepare to disembark.


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