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Duration 15h 30 mins.
Destination(s) The Netherlands, United Kingdom
Operated by DFDS
Sailings Once per day
Distance 368 miles, 590 km
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 920
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The ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam is a popular ferry to travel to Holland and back. Especially from the north of England and from Scotland it is a ferry service that can also be booked as a mini cruise. You can take a short city trip to Amsterdam or Holland. On board of the ships there is a lot of luxury and entertainment.

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Ferry from the UK to Amsterdam in Holland

Travelers from Scotland and the north of England who travel to the Netherlands by ferry often can take the Newcastle Amsterdam route. On this ferry to Holland you will sail to IJmuiden. IJmuiden is a small coastal resort along the Amsterdam harbour bay. From here, it is an easy 20 minute drive to Amsterdam. This route is very popular as a mini-cruise to Amsterdam and back. The crossing to Amsterdam is a ferry service that can also be booked as a mini cruise.

You can take a short city trip to Amsterdam or Holland. On board of the ships there is a lot of luxury and entertainment on board. You will find bars, a club, cinema, kidz`club, a shop and various restaurants. So it is a good start to the holiday when you board this boat.

The connection to Amsterdam is widely used by travelers traveling back and forth to the north of England, or by travelers from Scotland. The city of IJmuiden (port of arrival) is close to Amsterdam. There are also other ferry services to Holland. Rotterdam & Hoek van Holland are other ports that are close to Amsterdam. On this page you will find a lot of information and tips about this ferry service from shipping company DFDS.

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Round trips start at €188 (2 passengers car), this is the best price we found. Reservations can be made online at The farther in advance you make your reservations, the lower the price. A cabin is included in the price.

Timetable Newcastle to Amsterdam

For the crossing from England to Amsterdam DFDS sticks to a daily schedule with the following arrival and departure times

  • Departure Newcastle: 17.00
  • Arrival Amsterdam / IJmuiden: 09.45

The return from Amsterdam to Newcastle sails on the following daily schedule

  • Departure IJmuiden: 17:00
  • Arrival Newcastle: 09:15
On Sundays in the low season (October to March), the DFDS boats will arrive half an hour later: in IJmuiden this is at 10.00 local time and in Newcastle at 09.30 local time.


Departure, sailing time & arrival

How long in advance do you have to be present? DFDS Check-in on the IJmuiden-Newcastle crossing closes at least 45 minutes in advance. It is of course wise to be present at the DFDS terminal in the port of IJmuiden well in advance.
Departure:  DFDS terminal Newcastle The ship to Amsterdam departures from: International Passenger Terminal📍 Royal Quays, North Shields NE29 6EE, United Kingdom
Newcastle Amsterdam duration The sailing time between IJmuiden and Newcastle is approximately 15hours and 30 minutes. The exact sailing time may differ due to weather conditions and currents.
Arrival Amsterdam The ferry arrives at the following address: DFDS Ferry IJmuiden📍 Sluisplein 33 1975 AG IJmuiden Netherlands
Aankomst in Newcastle

Arrival in Newcastle

Parking Terminal and Transportation Information

Monitored parking is available. It is just a short walk to the terminal from the parking lot. Rates are: £12 per day and subsequent morning and afternoon. Lost tickets cost: £15 per day. The first 4 hours are free.

Public Transportation

Connexxion bus route 82 departs from the IJmuiden terminal for Amsterdam Sloterdijk (Railway Station). There is also a shuttle bus to Amsterdam. Reservations can be made at DFDS.

Ferry Newcastle to Amsterdam costs

DFDS advertises a starting price of €56 per person for a single journey by car. With an ideal booking, in the low season, which you then calculate back to ‘per person', this is possible. In reality however, you will notice that this is not a very realistic price.

A single trip is usually much more expensive and for a return trip with a family of 4 people with a car, you will quickly pay a total of around €700. For this you will get two nights on board and you no longer have to rent/book at location. Generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is. In addition, there are sometimes offers that you can take advantage of.

About Holland

Enough to visit and to see in The Netherlands also referred to as Holland. It is a small and densely populated country with a couple of must-sees. You could plan a trip to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Delft or for example Utrecht or travel further to for example Germany.

Frequent Asked Question

There are a number of questions that are frequently asked for the this crossing to Amsterdam:

How long does the crossing from Newcastle to Amsterdam take?

The crossing from Newcastle to Holland takes a total of 15 hours and 30 minutes.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, if you travel with your own transport, you can bring your pet (dogs, cats and ferrets) with you. Kennels are available. There are rules for pets from the British government that must be followed.

Can you bring a bicycle on board the ferry?

Yes, you can easily select when booking that you want to take a bicycle on board the ferry. A bicycle costs €8 per trip.
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From: 56,00

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