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Ferry to UK from The Netherlands

Most booked ferries: Holland-United Kingdom

dover-calais ferry operators

Dover Calais Ferries

UK ā‡” France
1h 30 mins.
Up to 55 times per day
From: $32.00
p-o ferries


UK ā‡” Holland
11h 30 mins.
Once per day
From: $145.00
stenaline ferry

Harwich Hook of Holland

UK ā‡” Holland
6h 30 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: $84.00
dfds seaways ferry


UK ā‡” Holland
17 hours
Once per day
From: $62.00

3 direct crossings from The Netherlands to the UK

If you want to go by ferry to the UK from the Netherlands, you can travel via 3 different routes. This you can travel to the south, center or to the north of England. This last crossing also takes you in the direction of Scotland.

There are a number of short crossings from France to England via ā€˜the Channel'. With 1.5 to 2 hours, this is a quick and cheap crossing. The train through the channel tunnel can also be an interesting choice.

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Map with all ferry routes

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Timetable, availability, and compare prices

Booking your ferry tickets has never been easier! With our online booking module, you can easily find and book your desired ferry crossing in just a few clicks. Simply enter your travel dates and destination, and the system will show you all available options. You can then choose the crossings between the Netherlands and the UK that best suits your needs and budget. Itā€™s that simple!

Travel tip: The Harwich ferry is the fastest crossing

The daytime ferry service between Hoek van Holland and Harwich is the fastest crossing from The Netherlands to England. It takes 6,5 hours. You can also book this as a night cruise, after which you can start your day fresh the next day.

Ferries from the Netherlands to the UK

There are 3 ferries sailing from the Netherlands to England and (indirectly) to Scotland. These are the boats between Hook of Holland-Harwich, Rotterdam-Hull, and Amsterdam-Newcastle. The boat to Harwich takes you the most southerly and the boat to Newcastle the most northerly. Hull is an interesting destination for those who want to travel to central England.

Netherlands ā‡” UK


Denmark ā‡” Norway
2h 15 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: $38.00


Denmark ā‡” Norway
16h 30 mins.
Once per day
From: $79.00


Denmark ā‡” Norway
19 Hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: $43.00

Ferries from the Netherlands to the UK via France

In addition to direct departure from the Netherlands, it is also possible to travel to England via France. Although you have to drive to France first, the crossings are a lot shorter. This is certainly a good option for travelers to southern England and London, for example.

There are three ferry routes across the Channel between France and England. Two shipping companies depart from Calais to Dover and shipping company DFDS operates a ferry between Dunkirk and Dover. This last crossing takes half an hour longer, but the departure port is easier to reach from the Netherlands.

From Utrecht, a city in the center of the Netherlands, the travel times are as follows:

  • Duration by car from Utrecht to Dunkirk: Ā± 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Duration of the car journey from Utrecht to the port of Calais: Ā± 3 hours 30 minutes

Netherlands ā‡” France ā‡” UK

Popular 1 dover-calais ferry operators

Dover Calais Ferries

Dover to Calais is the quickest way to cross from the UK to France by ferry. It takes just 90 minutes to cover the 26-mile distance. This route is one of the world's most frequented and crowded crossings. On this page you'll find more information on the ferry companies, the route map, tickets, the timetable, port adresses and more.

From: $32.00
Read full review
2 dfds seaways ferry


The DFDS ferry from Dover to Dunkirk sails up to 12 times per day, making it a fairly frequent ferry. This ferry takes you to France or back to the UK in only 2 hours. This makes it one of the shortest return-trips to France, along with the Dover to Calais crossings. Ideal for those wishing to travel between France and England.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Three ferry companies sail to England from the Netherlands. These are P&O ferries, Stenaline and DFDS. The ferries from France to Dover are from P&O ferries and DFDS.

By boat to England from the Netherlands can be done in 6.5 hours. This is how long the shortest crossing takes between Hoek van Holland and Harwich (day trip). The longest crossing, on the other hand, takes more than 16 hours (night sailing). This one goes between IJmuiden / Amsterdam and Newcastle.

On average, the Hoek van Holland ā€“ Harwich crossing is the cheapest crossing between the Netherlands and England. Stenaline offers a very affordable Ferry & Train ticket of ā‚¬51 per person for a single journey (or Ā£49) with this ticket you can travel for free by train to Greater Anglia train stations in England.

The shortest distance you can travel to England by ferry is 196 km (122 miles) as the crow flies. This is the crossing Hook of Holland ā€“ Harwich.

Depending on whether you bring a car and book a cabin, the costs for the ferry to England vary considerably. As a foot passenger, you can join a single journey between Calais and Dover for ā‚¬36 and Hook of Holland-Harwich for ā‚¬51. A family in a standard camper back and forth between IJmuiden and Newcastle can add up to more than ā‚¬1000.

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