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Ferry from Italy to Greece

All possible ways to travel to Greece from Italy


Italy ⇔ Greece
33 hours
Up to 3 times per week


Italy ⇔ Greece
8 hours
Up to 1 time per day


Italy ⇔ Corfu
15 hours
up to 14 times per week


Italy ⇔ Greece
17 hours
Up to 1 time per week

The ferries going to Greece from Italy

To summarize the possibilities there are 5 ferry companies that offer ferries from Italy to Greece. If you want to make the right choice on these ferries and routes there are a few things you really need to know, we listed the things you really need to know under the map with all possible routes. 

The ferry companies that you can choose from are Anek Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Minoan Lines,  Ventouris Ferries, and Superfast ferries. (That last one is from Anek lines)

The cities you can leave from Venice, Ancona, Bari, and Brindisi. 

These ferry lines are easily compared through our partners. Also, be sure to check the booking comparison engine below

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Booking trips from Italy to Greece

A good way to check possible ships and connections to Greece is by playing around with this engine. Our online booking module makes it easy to find and book your desired ferry crossing from Italy to Greece and vice versa. All you have to do is enter your departure port, destination, and travel dates. The system will show you the best routes and possible alternatives. You can then choose the ferry that best suits your needs and budget. Have a great trip!

Map with ferry routes from Italy to Greece

To be 100% honest: This map was challenging to make and doesn't give a perfect picture, the routes are long, and they all go over and under each other.

However, you can see all possible routes when you keep your mouse on the harbours. 

Travel tip: Book early

On the busier days, ferry boats can quickly become fully booked. The earlier you book, the greater the chance that you will have a place on the desired crossing.

The things you need to know

We've done days of research on these routes, plus our own ferry experience, and unlike many other websites, we are sincere here; this is what you need to know:
  • The ferries from Italy to Greece are, in most cases, old ferries that should have been renewed or abandoned long ago.
  • Most reviews from tourists about these crossings tend to be negative to very negative.

You can, however, make the right choices to make sure your experience is positive:

  • When you can book a ‘fast' ferry: Go for it. Our booking engine got all possibilities listed, so focus on these routes as fast as possible as the fast ships are new and have much better reviews. This is not the same for many ferry routes around the world, so this is unique for the connections between Italy and Greece.
  •  It's worth spending money on a large cabin, especially in high season (July / August), as these ships can be over-booked in high season, and you'll otherwise have to spend the entire trip on the floor of a dirty vessel. And no, this isn't a sales pitch. You'll be extremely happy after doing and experiencing this; trust us on this one!
  • If you travel with pets, book a ‘cabin with pets'; this is much better than the kennels.
  • The shorter trips are much better than the long ones in terms of the experience and happiness of tourists. When you drive a little further and then take the ferry (Brindisi vs Venice, for example), you'll probably have a much better total travel experience.
  • Lower your expectations, and focus on getting from A to B instead of ‘Why is the diner not so good on this ship‘. It is what it is, and these ships will not be renewed very soon. If you want to travel by luxurious ferries, go from Kiel to Oslo. (and spend five times as much…)

From Ancona to Greece

Ancona Harbor

Ancona Harbor

The ferries leaving from Ancona don't have the best ratings in the world, but they do bring you from Italy to Greece for a normal price. 

Ancona ⇔ Greece

1 Anek Lines


The availability of ferries from Ancona to Patras is heavily influenced by seasonality. During the summer season this ferry leaves about 3 times per week.
2 Anek Lines Minoan Lines


There are multiple ferries that sail from Ancona to the lovely island of Corfu. The travel time is about 15 hours and tickets are popular and quite expensive.
3 Anek Lines Minoan Lines


There are multiple ferries that sail from Ancona to Igoumenitsa. The travel time is about 16 hours to reach Greece from Italy.

From Bari to Greece

Bari to Greece

Bari if of course a good place to match your Greece trip with as Bari is a nice place to stay and leave from.

From Bari, you can travel to the normal harbors that get you from Italy to Greece, but you can also travel to Sami / Heraklion.

Bari ⇔ Greece

1 Anek Ventouris


There are two ferries that you can choose from, however, there are a few alternative cities next to Bari that you can also leave from.
2 Ventouris Ferries


The ferry from Bari to Corfu covers over 310 km and brings you to the lovely island of Corfu in Greece.
3 Ventouris Ferries


The ferry from Bari to Sami covers over 470 km and brings you to the lovely island of Sami near mainland Greece.
4 Anek Lines


The availability of ferries from Bari to Patras is heavily influenced by seasonality. During the summer season this ferry leaves about 3 times per week.

From Brindisi to Greece


When you travel from Brindisi you'll have the shortest travel time, for many tourists this also brings a rather positive travel experience compared to other crossings from Italy to Greece.

Brindisi ⇔ Greece

1 Grimaldi Lines


There is one company that sails directly from Brindisi to Igoumenitsa. That's Grimaldi Lines. The fastest possible trip is about 8 hours.
2 Grimaldi Lines


The ferry from Brindisi to Corfu covers over 200 km and brings you to the lovely island of Corfu in Greece.

From Venice to Greece

From italy to Greece
Venice is quite far away (20 to 33 hours by ferry) from Greece, there are two routes that can bring you all the way to Greece. Ps. keep in mind you'll be leaving from Fussina and not from the Venice Cruise Port.

Venice ⇔ Greece

1 Anek Lines


The (long) ferry from Venice to Igoumenitsa is a ferry that takes about 26 hours. The ferry is popular during the summer / spring season.
2 Anek Lines


The (long range) ferry from Venice to Patras is a ferry that takes about 33 hours. The ferry is popular during the summer / spring season.

To Conclude: ferries from Italy to Greece

If you want to book the best ferries to Greece from Italy: Book fast ferries and get yourself a nice cabin. That's the way to enjoy these crossings!

Personally, we would rather book a trip from Brindisi and/or Bari vs the longer trips from Ancona and/or Venice

And do avoid getting seasick on these trips, there are many ways to prevent this as you can read in our guide: How to prevent seasickness on ferries.

I hope you enjoyed our guide! You can help us by bookmarking this page or sharing it with others, thanks in advance =)

Frequently Asked Questions

The fastest way to reach Greece from Italy is about 7 hours the slowest way is from Venice and then you'll be sailing for 33 hours. 

The starting price is approximately € 80. Though this one is difficult to reach. Expect about € 300 to € 400 if you go by car.

I would probably go for the Brindisi-Igoumenitsa route. This one is cheap, fast and people seem to like this one.  

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  1. As you said, You might need to recheck how you make a map here; it doesn't give a good overview.

    The most important thing I want to know is what port from Italy is closest to Greece. And in this case that is Brindisi. That's the port I'll use for my trip. Need to drive far then in Italy. (I'll arrive from the UK, need to travel with Camper to Crete)

    • Hi Nexus,

      From Brindisi to Patras is a great connection if you want to eventually travel to Crete (from the UK) , What a trip that is going to be.. If you have made the trip be sure to drop us a few pictures of the ferries, we love to have more media on Greek ferries!

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