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Keep the kids entertained on board

Let the anticipation begin, because the ferry is a big adventure for children. They don't have to stay in their seats. In fact, thereā€™s plenty of space to play. And as soon as the children are happy, you are happy: your holiday is about to start now! 5x the best entertainment for children on ...

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Largest Cruise: Icon of the Seas leaves the Port

The largest cruise ship in the world, the Icon of the Seas, was launched on December 9 at the Meyer Turku shipyard. The safe ship was then moved to the construction dock, where the now fully assembled hull will be completed late next year to become the largest new cruise ship in the world. The ...

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Find a Ferry Near Me: This is how you find one!

Every year over 4.27 Billion passengers travel by ferry((Ferry Facts ā€“ You are probably one of them right now: looking for a nearby ferry crossing. Since Google Maps is incomplete on ferry lines you've come to the #1 website to fix this for you: We try to provide ...

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