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Ah, the joys of sailing. The cool breeze, the sound of waves, the wide open horizon. What could be better? Well, for some of us, seasickness can quickly ruin ...

Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Summer is here, and when you are here on, this probably means you are getting ready to set sail on an exciting ferry ...

We get a lot of questions about passports or IDs needed on ferry travel, as we can’t answer all these questions individually, we decided to dig into this ...

While Hawaii does have a few smaller ferries operating between some of its islands, such as Maui and Lanai, there are currently no active large (car) ferries ...

If you're planning a trip on the water, it's important to know the difference between a ferry passenger-ship and a cruise ship. While both will take you ...

The ultimate guide when you want to travel from Seattle to Anchorage in Alaska. Not a short ride, as you need to cover a distance of at least 2200 miles (3500 ...

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1 year ago

Algeciras-Tangier Med


The Algeciras – Tanger Med ferry is a very popular crossing to get to Morocco from Spain. You will be on the boat for about 1.5 hours; this can be an exciting option if you want to travel from somewhere in Europe by car, for example.

seajets blue star ferries
1 year ago



Embark on an unforgettable journey from Athens to Santorini by ferry, immersing yourself in the beauty of the Greek islands during the approximately 5-hour crossing.

Seajets fast ferries bue star ferries minoan lines
1 year ago



There are four possible ferries that sail from Athens to Mykonos. The fastest possible connection is about 2h and 50 minutes, in general, expect 3 hours for this trip.

balearia Trasmed gnv
1 year ago



The Barcelona-Palma (Mallorca) ferries are operated by Balearia, Trasmed and GNV. There are up to 3 crossings per day.

Sealink Ferries
2 years ago

Auckland-Great Barrier Island


You can reach Great Barrier Island in about 4 to 5 hours meaning you need to stay on the Island for a while to not only spend all your time on a ferry! The ferry experiences on the Sealink NZ ferry service are very positive.

2 years ago



The international connection from Split (Croatia) to Ancona (Italy) is active the entire year, however the connection has more departures during the summer season.

alaska marine highway ferries
2 years ago


Find out about Whittier to Cordova ferries: when, who, and what's interesting. Also, check our unique ferry maps!
alaska marine highway ferries
2 years ago


Learn about the Sitka to Juneau ferry: times, who runs it, and see all ferry connections on our maps.
HSFF - Alaska Highway Marine
2 years ago


Learn about the Skagway-Haines ferry: times, who runs it, and see all ferry connections on our maps.
2 years ago



The stopover ferry from Split to Dubrovnik (4 hours) is an alternative to driving there by car (3,5 hours) of flying. The ferry is however only operational in the summer season. Stops in Hvar, Korcula, Mljet and Bol.

alaska marine highway ferries
2 years ago

Prince Rupert-Skagway


The ferry from Prince Rupert to Skagway is one of the top crossings in the world in terms of interest from passengers.

alaska interisland ferry
2 years ago


Your Ketchikan to Hollis ferry guide awaits. Find maps, schedules, operator profiles, and captivating highlights to enhance your ferry adventure.
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  1. Is Helsingor-Helsingborg more expensive because they are electric ferries or because the distance is that short?

  2. Wondering if this is a final decision or not, they might still move back to Eemshaven in 2023. Probably depends on the dock they were supposed to be building there.

  3. Time for new ships on this connection, hopefully, they push things through this time and they make the right decisions.

  4. Hi Doug,

    We double-checked, and the first ferry from Tobermory to Kilchoan departs at 7:20, there is also a ferry leaving at 9:30. If you pick that one you arrive at Kichoan at 10:05, it will be a 2-hour drive (at least) so you will arrive at ~12:15 at Fort William. The timing all depends a bit on how strict the 12:30 is. If you take the 7:20 you’ll have much more time to take it easy =)

    more info also here:—Kilchoan

  5. Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for your question!

    Check the winter timetables here:

    Quite sure this will help you!

    ~ Jochem

  6. Planning for 2034 will be difficult! =)

    However you probably mean 2024, and for that you’ll probably have to wait a few weeks, I dropped them an e-mail about it and will update you here when I hear anything!

    ~ Best Jochem

  7. Hi Rafal, I noticed the following on the website of the Explore Flex provider:

    Gozo Standard – This package is perfect for those planning to explore Gozo. It includes 6 days of unlimited travel on all bus routes, including the Tallinja Direct routes. You’ll also enjoy a return trip to Gozo from Valletta with the fast ferry, ensuring you can make the most of your visit to this charming island. You’ll save €5 on this package costing €28.

    Meaning it will only provide a small discount, if you have the ExplorePlus package you can take the ferry for free. (Source)

  8. How can you miss us on Pinterest =)

    We’ll create a winter packing list though, very good idea!

  9. I completely agree, I was there a year ago and it’s a mess. One of the largest ports in Europe to be exact. We’ll focus an article on this in the near future, super interesting to create a map out of this! Follow us to stay up to date about this! =)

  10. Hi Shona,

    You can get there in 5 hours! It’s a nice trip though, few hours more or less don’t matter that much in the weather you have there in summer! =)

    best, Jochem

  11. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the question,

    We’ve looked into all possibilities out there and even called a few of our partners. It’s impossible if you look at ferries. If you look at cruises however, there are a few – very expensive – opportunities, for instance this cruise that sails on the Atlantic Coastline. There aren’t real many though that you can hop on and hop off, and the prices are extremely high.

    ~ Jochem

  12. Hi Remi,

    There are countless examples of nice island in Thailand! Here are a few: Koh Yao islands · Koh Samui · Koh Tao · Koh Pha Ngan · Koh Lanta · Koh Lipe · Koh Chang! All are small little paradise destinations, in your trip however i would only visit like 2 or 3 as they are a bit the same.

    ~ Jochem

  13. Hi Taylor,

    The drive without ferries to Nova Scotia are very, very long on ‘average’ roads. I would really go for the ferry here. You have two options here though! So you can pick a choice in which you drive a little and ferry a little! (Saint John / Digby)

    ~ Jochem

  14. Hi Shaunu,

    Thanks for your question, if you want to Palma de Mallorca from the UK you have to first get to Spain (Various ways to do this, I would go through Calais-Dover and drive). Then you need to travel to Barcelona, and from there pickup a ferry to Mallorca. Keep in mind though these ferries are over-booked and a bit expensive: Be early with your booking.

    Here you can see the complete map and guide for ferries to Mallorca from Barcelona.

    ~ Jochem

  15. Hi Timothy,

    I agree on this one! Much less hassle!

    ~ Jochem

  16. Hi Kathline,

    The time to reach the island is about one hour, you have to calculate a bit of time though for parking your car and checking-in on the ferry, this is also ± one hour extra., see the following quote below:

    Please plan on arriving at least one hour prior to departure. Passengers must be checked in, with tickets in hand, ready to board, at least 30 minutes prior to departure.
    If you are not checked in 15 minutes prior to departure, your seats will be forfeited and your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the round-trip fare.

    ~ Jochem

  17. Hi Niahm,

    Unfortunately: No, these ships are not that luxurious. For that you have to Northern Europe. (Kiel-Oslo for example). The ships on these routes are mainly older ships, some are large though and do provide nice huts & restaurants.

    ~ Jochem

  18. Hi Peter,

    Good to know! If you have any other questions let me know!

    ~ Jochem

  19. Hi Graham,

    I really have to agree here, with 16739+ positive reviews you can’t miss this palace, you can btw easily book this one here. Since this attraction can be fully booked, something you should do in advance.

    Thanks for the insights Graham!

    ~ Jochem

  20. You can also go for this connection:

    Seems a little bit easier (in comments)

    “A 15-minute boat trip across the Gironde River to Blaye on the opposite bank. Advance reservations are not required, and if you have a car, just wait for your turn in the parking lot in the order of arrival. Tickets are paid on board after boarding. Credit card accepted. not cheap but very comfortable”

  21. Hi M. Bartolini,

    The most common route from Italy to Morroco is from Genua (or Genova) to Tangier.

    A long route but quite popular also by German tourists:

    The route takes about 50! hours.

  22. Hi Elisza,

    Good question, if you travel to Sweden this is possible with ALL operators. If you put your cat in the transport carrier I think you can even travel on all possible routes in Europe. Let’s just hope you don’t have a cat the size of a Lynx, since then it would be difficult =)

    Happy travel to Sweden!

  23. Hi G. Hallos,

    From Kristiansand you can get to Hirtshals in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, this is when everything goes as smooth as possible. You also have to check-in and depart the vessel for which you also have to plan accordingly.

  24. Hi Vincent,

    On July 4th, 1997, Mayor Rudy Giuliani eliminated the Staten Island Ferry fare. Since then it’s free. It used to be only 50 cents though. so even if you would have to pay for it, it never was that expensive!

  25. Hi Teddy,

    Get to Gozo by Ferry and pick up the Ferry to Comino from there, and yes you can take your motorbike with you and you won’t be the only one doing so! “If you’re arriving in Gozo with your own motorbike, you’ll be taking the ferry. The first thing to note is that motorbikes board the ferry before all other vehicles so feel free to jump the queue!”

  26. Hi Mike,

    This question you can’t answer without having a complete picture (For instance where you are from, etc.) here you can read more about it:

  27. Hey Birgitte,

    Yes the Voyager is still sailing, you can book this ferry here.

    Have fun on St Barts!

  28. To answer your question: It doesn’t really matter that much which ferry you take for this connection.

    The most used one is probably Nice – Ile Rousse, but they are all quite similar. If you take the ferry from Toulon for instance it’s much easier to park your car. (EUR 12 for one day) So for different reasons you can make a decision here!

    Good luck with your trip!

  29. Hi Peter,

    Here you can read more about this: Gozo traveling with your pet.

    To summarize: Yes, you can take your pets with you, make sure you follow the regulations though.

    Good luck!

  30. Thanks Gorman,

    The ferry to Pulau Ubin departs from Changi Point and will be added in the future, this ferry is a 12-person ship and simply leaves when there are 12 people willing to make the transfer.

    Thanks for asking though and the compliment!

  31. Hi Redna,

    On this route you only have the ferry from Peddels + Charters. Here you can find more info in this route.

    Few things that might be interesting:

    • Departure: Engineers Jetty, Thursday Island and Seisia Jetty on Cape York
    • Distance: Thursday Island to Seisia 30 km (approx 18 nm)
    • Trip Duration: 1 hr 10 mins approx

    Good luck with your ferry to Thursday Island! (Lovely place!)