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Destination(s) 🇺🇸 USA, Alaska
Distance 1300 km, 800 miles
Duration 62 hours
Operated by
Sailings Once per week
2p+Car+Return in our estimation $ 4116
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The ferry from Bellingham and Juneau (and or the other way around) is the main route of the Alaska Highway System. It takes about 62 hours to make this crossing with three stops in between. The Bellingham – Juneau ferry crossing sails once per week.

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A picture of the MV Columbia (the vessel on this route) ready for departure in the port of Bellingham.

Everything about the Bellingham-Juneau ferry

Welcome to the ferry travel guide for the route from Bellingham to Juneau! This 62-hour ferry journey will stop at five ports: Bellingham, Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, and finally, Juneau.

The distance between the ports in Juneau and Bellingham is approximately 800 miles (1300 km). To embark on this route, you can book at the Alaska Marine Highway website or at websites like; this ferry only travels once per week.

You can also book parts of this trip individually, for example:

The estimated duration of this United States crossing is 62 hours. However, please note that this timeframe may vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, seasonal changes, and the specific vessels operating on the route. This is of course the case with all ferry routes, this route however is long, and much can change here.

If you're interested in booking this connection, there is only one option: book the Alaska Marine Highway for a smooth and enjoyable journey. For your convenience, the address of Bellingham Harbor is 809 Harris Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA, while the address of Juneau Harbor is 11497 Auke Bay Harbor Rd, AK, USA.

This route is popular u003cstrongu003eand especially cabins are quickly sold outu003c/strongu003e, if you want to take this route you have to book early in the year and select a cabin as fast as you can.

Pricing on the Bellingham to Juneau ferry

As this is one of the longest and most complex routes in the world (for the ferry nerds like us: Hirtshals to Iceland is a longer route), you won't be able to reach your destination for a low price. It's expensive but also simply the price it costs these days to travel this far. In our test booking, the price was $1622 for a single trip with a normal car.

In our test booking, we ended up with $ 1622

Bellingham to Juneau Map

This was our most challenging map to plot, quite a route! On your way to Juneau from Bellingham, you'll go by three other ports: Bellingham – Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, and finally, Juneau.


Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

The ferry between Bellingham and Juneau is currently operated by: Alaska Marine Highway.

How long does the Bellingham-Juneau crossing take?

The travel time of the Bellingham-Juneau ferry is around 62 hours, with most of the time 3 stops in between. Of course, you must be at the port very early before departing; you can't miss this one!

How often does the Bellingham-Juneau ferry sail?

You can usually take the ferry from Bellingham to Juneau (or from Juneau to Bellingham) only once weekly. Depending on the season, the number of people on the ferry, and the weather forecast, the ferry company can deviate from the timetable/ferry schedule.

What is the distance between Bellingham and Juneau?

The distance between Bellingham and Juneau is approximately 807 miles or 1300 km.


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