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This Ferry is operated by Fast Ferries and Minoan Lines. Always check the prices before booking and the latest travel information before departure.

Destination(s) Greece
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 290
Duration 9 hours
Sailings Up to 2 Times p/day
Distance 320 km, 200 miles
Operated by Fast Ferries, Minoan Lines
Crossing Athens ⇔ Crete

There are two ferry companies that sail regularly from Athens to Heraklion. The fastest possible trip is about 8h and 40 minutes.

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Heraklion Ferry

Ferry from Athens to Heraklion (Crete)

Many websites speak about ‘Piraeus' as that is the name of the main harbor of Athens. That is also where the ferries to Crete are leaving from. There are 4 harbors you can arrive at, the harbor of Heraklion is the most common route from mainland Greece to Crete by ferry.

Route Map

Wondering where this crossing is? Check it out on our ferry map.


Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

This ferry is operated and can be booked by: Seajets, Blue Star Ferries, and Minoan Lines. Because of these 3 options, it's very interesting to make your booking on a ferry comparison website.

How long does the crossing to Naxos from Athens (Piraeus) take?

The travel time of the ferry is around4 hours. Seajets (3h 25m to 4h 40m, due to two ships), Blue Star Ferries (3h 55m), and Minoan Lines (5h 45m). While Seajets have this very fast option: do read the reviews before you choose this one, we saw a lot of negative comments on this ship. Please arrive 30 minutes early at the harbor and calculate extra time for check-in and boarding if necessary. How long in advance you need to be present is usually communicated on your ticket or on the website of the ferry operator you sail with.

How often does the ferry sail?

Up to 6 times per day. Depending on the season, the number of people on the ferry, and the weather forecast, the ferry company can deviate from the timetable/ferry schedule.

What is the cheapest way to get there?

By using a comparison booking engine you can see the cheapest options rather easily. THese are not ferries we would book locally. It's a bit of convenience vs booking it on the spot.

From: 64,00

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