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Destination(s) 🇮🇹 Italy, 🇮🇹 Capri
Distance 14 km, 8 miles
Duration 25 Minutes
Operated by AliCost, Caremar, NLG, SNAV
Sailings Up to 21 times per day
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The Sorrento-Capri ferry takes Italy from Campania to the famous island of Capri. You have this route choice from at least four ferry companies that usually sail daily from Sorrento to Capri. In the summer season, the number of sailings increases considerably.

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Ferry from Sorrento to Capri

Sorrento-Capri is the shortest crossing to the Italian island. This applies not only to the distance but also to the duration of the crossing. This one is only around 25 minutes. You can choose from a minimum of 21 crossings per day that different ferry companies operate. These are Alilauro Gruson, NLG, Caremar and SNAV.

  • Make sure to check the ferry company’s website for any updates regarding sailings. This is especially important during stormy weather or high waves, as unexpected cancellations may occur without proper communication.

What is the best ferry company to take from Sorrento to Capri?

The reviews about the crossings to Capri are not excellent. They are especially very mixed. Some people have a very good experience, while others suffer from ferries that don't leave, dirty windows, or cancellations that are not refunded. The price is also often perceived as high.

If you want to visit the island, we recommend the cheapest option. The crossing is only 20 to 35 minutes, so it doesn't really matter how much luxury is on board. You can compare prices on this Direct Ferries page or in the booking engine below.

Route Map Sorrento Capri

The distance between Sorrento and Capri is almost 14 km or 8.5 miles. You can easily zoom in or zoom out on this map.

Tickets and Booking

The ticket prices are around €43 euro for an adult for a single journey. View the departure times and final prices by filling in the input fields below.

Sorrento-Capri day tours

Are you looking for a fun experience? Then you can also book an organized tour. Especially if you are with a somewhat larger group, this can work out quite cheaply.


Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

The ferry between Sorrento and Capri is currently operated by: AliCost, SNAV, NLG and Caremar.

How long does the Sorrento-Capri crossing take?

The travel time of the Sorrento-Capri ferry is around: 15 to 35 minutes. Most ferries sail in 25 minutes to Capri. Please arrive early at the port of departure and calculate extra time for check-in and boarding if necessary. How long in advance you need to be present is usually communicated on your ticket or on the website of the ferry operator you sail with.

How often does the Sorrento-Capri ferry sail?

You can usually take the ferry from Sorrento to Capri (or the ferry from Capri to Sorrento) over 20 times per day. Depending on the season, the number of people on the ferry and the weather forecast, the ferry company can deviate from the timetable/ferry schedule.

What is the distance between Sorrento and Capri?

The distance between Salerno and Capri is approximately 8.5 miles or 14 km.