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Ferry to Elba

Your guide to travel to Elba by Ferry


Italy ⇔ Elba
14 Miles, 23 km
45 mins.
Up to 40 times per day


Elba ⇔ Corsica
45 miles, 72 km
1h 30 mins.
Up to 2 times per day


Italy ⇔ Elba
13 km, 8 miles
15 mins.
Up to 40 times per week

Piombino-Rio Marina

Italy ⇔ Elba
10 miles, 16 km
45 mins.
Up to 8 times per day

A short crossing with plenty of choice

The crossing to Elba is short and the ferries come and go. The fastest ferry sails to the village of Cavo in 15 minutes. However, most boats go between Piombino and Portoferraio, the capital of Elba. The duration of these crossings varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Since the time difference between the different ferries is not significant and you won’t have much time to enjoy the onboard facilities, we suggest that you go for the cheapest option.

The best way to find the lowest price is to use Directferries. (We use their booking Engine below) It’s also the easiest way to book. The ferry companies’ own booking systems are often confusing and sometimes partly in English and partly in Italian.

You can also choose Rio Marina as your destination, besides Portoferraio and Cavo. You can see where these places are on the island on the map below.

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Map with all ferry routes to Elba

Don’t let the small size of Elba fool you. The island has many twists and turns that can make your travel time longer than you expect. That’s why you should consider where your ferry lands. For instance, Cavo and Portoferraio may look close on the map, but they are 45 minutes apart by road.

Check availability and compare prices

An easy way to find a good price is by filling in the fields below:

Travel off Peak Time to Elba

Another tip is to try to travel during off-peak times – not only will you save money on your ferry ticket, but you'll also avoid the crowds of tourists who tend to flock to Elba during the summer months. Plus, you'll have more room to stretch out on the ferry – ahoy, matey!

Departure from Piombino

Boats come and go in the port of Piombino. The signage to the right boat is good and there are enough employees in the harbor to guide you to the right parking space.

The roads to and from the port can be quite busy. So keep this in mind if you have to catch a ferry.
If you still need to arrange something? This can be done at one of the desks at the beginning of the port. You can also get tickets here on site.

offices from Moby Blu Navy and Toremar in the Piombino harbour

Offices from Moby, Blu Navy and Toremar in Piombino.

Ferry between Corsica and Elba

It is also possible to sail between Corsica and Elba. This allows you to combine two islands on your holiday. The ferry sails 2 times per week during peak season.Corsica Ferries Portoferraio

Elba ⇔ Corsica

1 corsica sardinia ferry lines


The Portoferraio-Bastia ferry connects Elba with Corsica. The ferry is operated by Corsica ferries and sails 2 times per week during peak season.

More about Elba

Fortezza del Volterraio and portoferraio

Fortezza del Volterraio and ferries from Torremar and Corisca Ferries departing from Portoferraio in the background.

Elba is a versatile island where you can do many things. Of course you have the beach and the sea, but nature is also beautiful on Elba. Mount Capanne, the highest mountain on the island, can be climbed but you can also choose to go up or down with a cable car. There are beautiful hiking trails and mountainbike trails. You also see quite a lot of cyclists riding the mountains of the island.

Mount Capanne cable car

The cable car brings you in 15 minutes to the top of the Capanne Mountain.

On Elba you will also find many nice villages, each with their own character. Something that these villages do have in common is the possibility of delicious food. Because you can leave cooking and socializing to the Italians.


Frequently Asked Questions: Elba

Ferries prices have also risen sharply in Corsica in recent years. For a return ticket in high season with a car you will soon lose a total of € 200 to € 500. You will not find prices of € 135 for a return ticket with a car – as before. Without a car it is about € 90  per person for a return ticket. Prices in this area are also heavily dependent on supply and demand.

This depends on where you are leaving from. If you leave from France, this is a lot longer (6 to 9 hours) than, for example, Italy (3 to 6 hours) and the other island of Sardinia (1 to 3 hours). We just have to hope they buy those Fast Catamaran Ferries out there on the Mediterranean someday.

Corsica Ferries, Toremar, Blue Navy en Moby Lines.

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