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From: 39,00

This crossing is operated by DFDS. Always check the prices and the latest travel information when booking before departure.

Sailings 3 times per day
Operated by DFDS
Duration 4 Hours
Distance 125 km, 78 miles
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 149
Destination(s) 🇫🇷 France, 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
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The Newhaven to Dieppe ferry is a popular route between England and France. It takes you about 4 hours with this route and you sail and arrive in the south of England or France. Here you can continue your way to your destination.

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Ferry Dieppe – Newhaven

The ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe is a good route for someone who wants to travel from the south of England. You are 20 minutes by car from the town of Brighton. London and Cardiff are also very close by.

Currently, this route is only sailed by the shipping company DFDS. The ferry leaves about 3 times a day and it takes about 4 hours. You could also choose to sail at night, then you are on the road for an hour longer, but then you can relax and arrive in England early in the morning. This route is an excellent alternative if you want to make sure border controls are run in an effective (fast) way without serious delay as this is the only large ferry leaving from Dieppe and/or Newhaven.

This route is an excellent alternative if you want to avoid the hassle of border controls at Calais-Dover.

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The cost of a ticket varies per sailing

Booking your ferry tickets from Newhaven to Dieppe or vice versa has never been easier! With our online booking module, you can easily find and book your desired ferry crossing in just a few clicks. Simply enter your travel dates and destination, and the system will show you all available options. You can then choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. It’s that simple!

Timetable Newhaven – Dieppe

The route from Newhaven to Dieppe is sailed about 3 times a day. Usually, the times per departure will be approximately the same, but there will sometimes be some slack. It is therefore important that you also keep a close eye on the times on the DFDS site.

In order to give the best possible overview of the times that the ferry sails, we have placed a schedule below of the times that the shipping company usually uses:

  • Please note that local times apply for departures. Especially if you take the crossing back to the European mainland.
  • Please note that times may change depending on weather conditions.
  • The check-in at DFDS closes 45 minutes before departure, so make sure you are there.

Timetable Dieppe - Newhaven


Timetable Newhaven - Dieppe


Departure, sailing time & arrival


How far in advance do you need to be present?

At DFDS you must be on board and checked in at least 45 minutes in advance. So make sure you are on time.

Departure Newhaven

The departure address of the DFDS boats from Newhaven is:

Newhaven Ferry Port
Rail Approach Newhaven
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Sailing time Newhaven-Dieppe

This crossing takes about 4 hours. If you choose to take the route at night, it will take you about 5 hours. As the crow flies, the distance between Dieppe and Newhaven is 125 km.

Arrival Dieppe

In France, you arrive in the harbor of Dieppe. From there you can continue your onward journey. The DFDS terminal is for navigation:

Dieppe Ferry Terminal
7, Quai Gaston Lalitte
76200 Dieppe

Ferry costs Newhaven – Dieppe

Depending on how (with or without a car, caravan, etc) and when (peak or low season) you make the crossing, there are of course also costs associated with the crossing. Below is an indication of the costs and prices of these crossings.

  • 1 person, single ticket: €39,-
  • 2 persons, return ticket: €116,-
  • 2 persons, return ticket car: €149

Frequently asked questions

The crossings from France to England are popular among travelers from Europe. Therefore, there are also many questions about these frequently booked crossings

How long does the crossing to Dieppe take?

If you depart from Newhaven harbor to Dieppe, it will take you 4 hours to dock in Dieppe harbor.

Can you travel by car from Newhaven to Dieppe?

Yes, you can make the crossing by car, camper, bicycle, and, for example, car caravan with the ferries of DFDS. You will be helped further in the booking module.

Can the dog come on board?

Yes, dogs can come on board. If you have more than one dog, you must indicate this when booking.

How much does the crossing by car cost?

The price is determined by the number of people in the car. If you make the crossing alone by car, you will lose about €85.


From: 39,00

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