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Destination(s) 🇫🇷 France, 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Crossing UK ⇔ France
Operated by
Distance 125 km, 78 miles
Sailings Up to 4 Times p/day
Duration 4 Hours
Vessel type Cruiseferry
Night Crossing Possible
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 149
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The Newhaven-Dieppe ferry is a popular route between England and France. It takes you about 4 hours with this route and you sail and arrive in the south of England or France. Here you can continue your way to your destination.

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Ferry to Dieppe and Newhaven

The Newhaven-Dieppe route is ideal for those looking for a cost-effective, convenient option with shorter driving times in France and close to major cities like London and Paris.

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In winter, you have the option of one or two daily departures. In May, an additional departure is added; from July, the number of daily departures increases to four. Starting in September, this gradually returns to the winter schedule.

The route does not have a ‘fixed schedule'; one day you might have a night crossing, while on another day, there might be a daytime crossing. So, it's a matter of adjusting and finding what works best for your schedule.

The best way to check the departures is by entering your desired travel date in the right column on the DFDS website.

Newhaven-Dieppe crossing time

The ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe (and vice versa) covers a distance of 125 km or 78 miles. The ferry completes this route in approximately 4 hours.

You can also opt for nighttime sailing, which extends your journey by an additional hour. However, this allows you to relax and reach England early in the morning.

How far in advance should you be present?

Check-in closes 1.5 hours before departure to both Dieppe and Newhaven. Therefore, you should factor in this additional time when estimating your total travel duration.


You can purchase ferry tickets either directly from the ferry company or after customizing your trip in the module below:

Newhaven Port

The ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe is a good route for anyone travelling from the south of England to France. Newhaven is only 20 minutes by car from Brighton. London and Cardiff are also very close by. It is a popular route from the UK to France, next to alternatives like Dover to Calais & Portsmouth Le Havre. It is also a great option if you travel to Paris by ferry.

📍 Newhaven Ferry Port, Rail Approach Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9 0DF, United Kingdom

Dieppe Port

Dieppe is a vibrant and historically rich city renowned for its port, beach, and medieval structures. The town is easily explored on foot, offering a variety of shops, markets, hotels, and historical attractions. The Normandy coast, where Dieppe is located, is famous for its stunning beaches and white cliffs. While Dieppe may not be the most picturesque town on this coast, it still offers considerable charm and serves as an excellent first stop in Northern France.

The Dieppe port in Normandy, France, operates as a key ferry terminal with a connection to Newhaven in the United Kingdom. The terminal provides limited amenities for departing and arriving travelers, including toilets, a small duty-free shop, and a children's area.

The A16 highway is the main route connecting Dieppe with other cities and regions in France. Dieppe's ferry terminal is situated 1.7 kilometers away from the city's train station.

📍 Dieppe Ferry Terminal, 7, Quai Gaston Lalitte, 76200 Dieppe, France

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