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Ferry to Kangaroo Island

How to get to Kangaroo Island by ferry

Cape Jervis-Penneshaw

Australia ⇔ Kangaroo Island
30 mins.
Up to 12 times per day

Getting to Kangaroo Island

If you want to be 1 of the 154.000[1]Tourism Australia: Kangaroo Island Tourism passengers that visit Kangaroo Island every year you are on the right track! The only thing you need right now is probably the best ferry to get there. It's quite an easy choice on this connection:

If you seek a ferry with excellent bus/coach transfers from Adelaide or if you want to travel by car the best option in our opinion would be Sealink

If you are a passenger (without a car) and want to get there as fast as possible we would go for the Kangaroo Island Connect option. They are also a good partner to rent a car with. 

The pricing of Kangaroo Island SeaLink and Kangaroo Island Connect is more or less the same and not something we would make our choice for.

See our map with these connections below.

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Map with crossings to Kangaroo Island

The two ferry companies operate the shortest distance between the Australian mainland and Kangaroo Island between Penneshaw and Cape Jervis. The island is easy to drive to from Adelaide.

Timetable, availability, and compare prices

An easy way to find a good price is by filling in the fields below:

The Island of the Dead?

In the language ot the Kaurna people this island is literally called 'Island of the Dead' This island was separated from Australia 10.000 years ago and is in size the third island of Australia.

Ferry from Cape Jervis to PenneshawSealink of Kangaroo connect

This is where you need to make your choice, to the left you'll travel by Sealink, and to the right with KiC. Did you know you can also book these tickets at ferry comparison websites? Quite handy for this one if you want to go as a passenger. (Without a car)

Cape Jervis ⇔ Penneshaw

1 Cape Jervis Penneshaw ferries

Getting to Cape Jervis

Cape Jervis is roughly 105 km from Adelaide, you can make the drive in about 2 hours.

Parking at Cape Jervis

Free parking is available for up to 72 hours in the short-term car park north of the ferry pier at Cape Jervis, or for an unlimited time along the roadside near the ferry pier at Cape Jervis. Free parking is also available along the roadside near the ferry pier without a time limit.

When you are traveling with Sealink, there is a possibility to use secure (not very expensive) outdoor car parking close to the ferry terminal.

If you want to spend the night at Cape Jervis there are only a few places you can go. We would advise you to at least check this one out: Cape Jervis Holiday Units. (800m away from the ferry)

Frequently Asked Questions

While it's possible to get there by car (through Sealink) we would advise against it if you are going to use guided tours and such. In some places, it's more fun to travel around without a car. 

With both ferry operators, it's possible to get a coach from the Airport to Cape Jervis Harbor.

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