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Ferry to La Gomera

The best crossings and routes to La Gomera

Huelva-Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Spain ⇔ La Palma
40 Hours
Up to 2 times per week
From: 152,00

Cadiz-Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Spain ⇔ Tenerife
44 hours
Up to 2 times per week
From: 185,00

Las Palmas-Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Gran Canaria ⇔ Tenerife
1h 40 mins.
Up to 4 times per day
From: 123,00

Los Cristianos-San Sebastian de la Gomera

Tenerife ⇔ La Gomera
1 Hour
Up to 7 times per day
From: 45,00

Take a ferry to La Gomera

The island with 22.000+ inhabitants and the capital San Sebastiàn de La Gomera is a very mountainous island. All the coast and coastal towns are surrounding the highest peak: Alto de Garajonay. This also means that if you go there by car: You can't travel very fast.

About the ferries going to La Gomera:

  • The ferries are (mostly) modern and fast. Some are even among the fastest ferries in the world!
  • The Benchi Express (28.7 meters) from San Sebastian to Valle Gran Rey (via Playa Santiago) is suspended since July 2021.
  • We would advise going to this island for a minimum of three days instead of just going by for a day trip. It's nice to drive around and take it all very slowly. Don't go fast on this island. 
  • We focus of course on the routes ‘to La Gomera' however the route from La Palma is most often the other way a route ‘to la Palma‘.

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Map with all ferry routes to La Gomera

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Travel tip: Valley Gran Rey

In 2021 there used to be a ferry connection towards Valley Gran Rey, this route stopped. So when you want to take the ferry towards the lovely touristic town ot Valley Gran Rey you have to go by ferry first to San Sebastian and then drive on towards Valley Gran Rey.

From Tenerife to La Gomera

You can travel from Tenerife (Los Cristianos) to La Gomera.

Note: On this connection superfast ferries are active by Fred Olsen!

Fred Olsen Ferry

Fred Olsen Ferry getting ready for docking in Tenerife.

Tenerife ⇔ La Gomera

1 olsen armas

Los Cristianos-San Sebastian de la Gomera

The ferry from Los Cristianos to San Sebastian de la Gomera operated by Naviera Armas and Fred.Olsen Express takes about 1 Hour to reach Los Cristianos. Everything you need to know where you want to learn more about this ferry line.
From: 45,00
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Ferry from La Palma to La Gomera

This ferry travels between La Palma and La Gomera on the Canary Islands:

La Palma ⇔ La Gomera

1 olsen armas

San Sebastian de la Gomera-Santa Cruz de La Palma

Everything you need to know about the ferry from San Sebastian de la Gomera to Santa Cruz de La Palma.
From: 63,00
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Valley Gran Rey Ferry

We did some research on this ferry route that is not active anymore and we found the following:

The ship on this route is still there (sitting in the harbor) and waiting to start again, they are probably waiting for the demand to go up again. This ship had problems with distancing and COVID regulations. That's one of the reasons why this ship stopped going from Los Cristianos to Valley Gran Rey. However since Fred Olsen owns a large resort in Valley Gran Rey: This boat may sail again in the near future.

Frequently asked questions Ferry to La Gomera

Two ferry companies own most of the routes: Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen. 

When you travel to La Gomera visit at least for 3 days. The island is not that nice to visit only for a few hours. You need a bit of time to calm down and relax.

On all ferries in the Canary Islands dogs are allowed on the ferries.

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