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Ferry to Tenerife

The best crossings and routes to Tenerife

Huelva ⇒ Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Spain ⇔ La Palma
40 Hours
Up to 2 times per week

Cadiz ⇒ Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Spain ⇔ Tenerife
44 hours
Up to 2 times per week

Las Palmas ⇒ Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Gran Canaria ⇔ Tenerife
1h 40 mins.
Up to 4 times per day

Los Cristianos ⇒ San Sebastian de la Gomera

Tenerife ⇔ La Gomera
1 Hour
Up to 7 times per day

Take a ferry to Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest and most populous island of the Canary Islands[1]Tenerife: Wikipedia. The island has almost 900.000 inhabitants and is after Mallorca also the most populous island in Spain. Many people who fly to Gran Canaria (Gando Airport) or Fuerteventura (El Matorral Airport) also want to visit Tenerife for a few days and try to hop on a ferry to the largest Canary Island. This guide is especially helpful for that kind of Tenerife Island hoppers.

There is good news if you want to ferry to Tenerife

  • The ticket prices are acceptable, also since there is healthy competition going on between Armas and Fred Olsen.
  • The ferries are (mostly) modern and fast. Some are even among the fastest ferries in the world!
  • You can travel from 7 other islands (and from Spain) to Tenerife. 
  • On most routes, there are multiple crossings per day, which means you can easily plan your Tenerife trip on every day you want.

Tenerife is especially known for its sandy beaches (and that on a volcanic island…) and thrilling nightlife and large family resorts. In short: A perfect spot to start island hopping on the Canary Islands or simply to visit for a few days.

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Map with all ferry routes to Tenerife

The routes from Spain (Cadiz and Huelva) are excluded from this overview since we have a specialized guide for this: Getting from Spain to the Canary Islands.

Timetable, availability, and compare prices

Our online booking module makes it easy to find and book your desired ferry crossing to Tenerife. All you have to do is enter your departure port, destination, and travel dates. The system will show you the best routes and possible alternatives. You can then choose the ferry that best suits your needs and budget. Have a great trip!

Travel tip: There are two harbors on Tenerife

There are two ferry hubs/harbors on Tenerife. The two harbors are quite far from each other so be careful with this when planning your trip. Los Cristianos is in the West and connects most islands further to the West. ( La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera) Santa Cruz de Tenerife is on the East and connects to Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.

From Gran Canaria to Tenerife

There are two connections available, from Agaete (West) and from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (East) to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The Agaete connection can bring you to Tenerife in about 80 minutes. The other from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria takes ~100 minutes.

Note: On the Agaete connection there are super fast catamaran ferries active! [2]Bentago Express: Fredolsen

Fred Olsen Ferry

Fred Olsen Ferry getting ready for docking in Tenerife.

Ferry from El Hierro to Tenerife

You can travel from one of the smallest Canary islands towards the largest Island: From El Hierro to Tenerife. This route of course is also very popular the other way around. 

El Hierro ⇔ Tenerife

1 naviera armas

Los Cristianos ⇒ Valverde

Los Cristianos on Tenerife is a real harbor hub from which you can leave to many Canary Islands. One of them being El Hierro, one of the least visited / smallest islands of the Canary islands. Also known as "La Isla Chiquita."

Ferry from La Palma to Tenerife

A ferry mostly used by passengers first leaving from Tenerife towards the Island “La Palma”.

La Palma ⇔ Tenerife

1 olsen armas

Los Cristianos ⇒ Santa Cruz de La Palma

Everything you need to know about the ferry from Los Cristianos (Tenerife) to Santa Cruz de la Palma (La Palma)

Ferry from La Gomera to Tenerife

From La Gomera, you can already see the nearby island of Tenerife. Traveling from La Gomera to Los Cristianos only takes 50 minutes. This route is home to the Flagship of Fred Olsen, the largest trimaran in the world. The BENCHIJIGUA EXPRESS! So if you have a similar choice in which one you should book. Do consider the added value of a unique ship like this one! [3]Fred Olsen: Benchijigua Express

Update: there is also a connection in summer alone available to Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera. We added this one below.

La Gomera ⇔ Tenerife

1 olsen armas

Los Cristianos ⇒ San Sebastian de la Gomera

The ferry from Los Cristianos to San Sebastian de la Gomera operated by Naviera Armas and Fred.Olsen Express takes about 1 Hour to reach Los Cristianos. Everything you need to know where you want to learn more about this ferry line.

Ferry from Fuerteventura to Tenerife

You can leave from two harbors towards Santa cruz de Tenerife: Morro Jable and Puerto del Rosario. See more about these routes below:

Fuerteventura ⇔ Tenerife

1 naviera armas

Morro Jable ⇒ Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The ferry from Morro Jable to Santa Cruz de Tenerife operated by Naviera Armas takes about 5h 20 minutes to reach Morro Jabel. Everything you need to know where you want to learn more about this ferry line.
2 naviera armas

Puerto del Rosario ⇒ Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The ferry from Puerto del Rosario to Santa Cruz de Tenerife operated by Naviera Armas takes about 5 hours and 10 minutes to reach Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Everything you need to know about this ferry line.

Ferry from Lanzarote to Tenerife

The ferry from Lanzarote is quite far away and slow due a stopover on Gran Canaria but still used a lot towards Tenerife.

Lanzarote ⇔ Tenerife

1 naviera armas

Arrecife ⇒ Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The essentials you need to know about the ferry connection Arrecife Santa Cruz de Tenerife. If you want to travel from Lanzarote to Tenerife. This is what you must know.

Frequently asked questions Ferry to Tenerife

The connection from Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria).

Two ferry companies own most of the routes: Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen. Some routes are however operated by Trasmeditteranea (which is owned by Naviera Armas).

There are two harbors: Los Cristianos (connecting all the islands to the west) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. ( connecting all the islands to the east)

In Los Cristianos it's easy to park. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife it's different however, there you have to drive a bit away from the harbor to be able to park your car for an affordable price. 

On all ferries in the Canary Islands dogs are allowed on the ferries.

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  1. I am disappointed to hear that the number of ferries from Gran Canaria to Tenerife is being limited. This will make it more difficult for people to travel between the two islands, and it could also drive up the cost of tickets. I visited Gran Canaria in June with the hopes to travel by Ferry to Tenefie. Unfortunately there were no ferries for the day we planned, and approximately about 3 a week.

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1 Tenerife: Wikipedia
2 Bentago Express: Fredolsen
3 Fred Olsen: Benchijigua Express