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Ferry to Gran Canaria

The best crossings to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Ageate

Las Palmas ⇒ Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Gran Canaria ⇔ Tenerife
1h 40 mins.
Up to 4 times per day
From: 123,00

Agaete ⇒ Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Gran Canaria ⇔ Tenerife
1h 18 mins.
Up to 8 times per day
From: 49,00

Arrecife ⇒ Las Palmas

Lanzarote ⇔ Gran Canaria
5 Hours
Once per day
From: 95,00

Morro Jable ⇒ Las Palmas

Fuerteventura ⇔ Gran Canaria
3 Hours
Once per day
From: 53,00

The Multiple ferries that bring you to Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the most central Island of the Canary Islands. It's also the 2nd popular island as a travel destination in the Canary islands. [1]Tourism on the Canary Islands, Wikipedia Gran Canaria is usually called “a continent in miniature” because of the diversity of its landscapes. Las Palmas is the largest city and also the main ferry hub (Puerto de la Luz) on the island. The only other option regarding ferries is Agaete (Port of las Nieves) on the west side of the island.

There is good news if you want to ferry to Gran Canaria

  • The ticket prices are acceptable, also since there is healthy competition going on between Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen. (Which is good!)
  • The ferries are (mostly) modern and fast. Some are even among the fastest ferries in the world!
  • You can travel directly to 3 other islands (and from Spain) to Gran Canaria.
  • On most routes, there are multiple crossings per day, which means you can easily plan your Gran Canaria trip on every day you want.

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Map with all ferry routes to Gran Canaria

The indirect routes from Spain (Cadiz and Huelva) are excluded from this overview since we have a specialized guide for this: Getting from Spain to the Canary Islands.

Timetable, availability, and compare prices

Our online booking module makes it easy to find and book your desired ferry crossing to the Canary Islands. All you have to do is enter your departure port, destination, and travel dates. The system will show you the best routes and possible alternatives. You can then choose the ferry that best suits your needs and budget. Have a great trip!

Travel tip: Las Palmas vs the South

Las Palmas is the largest city in all of the Canary Islands, which means it's well connected with the other islands and there is much to do. Tourists wize on Gran Canaria many go to the dry side of the island in the south. Las Palmas is more a city for the locals while Maspalomas is much more tourist-heavy.

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From Tenerife to Gran Canaria

There are two connections available between these two islands, from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Agaete (West) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (East). The Agaete connection can bring you to Gran Canaria in about 80 minutes. The other connection towards Las Palmas de Gran Canaria takes ~ 100 minutes.

Note: On the Agaete connection there are super fast catamaran ferries active! [2]Bentago Express: Fredolsen

Fred Olsen Ferry

Fred Olsen Ferry getting ready for docking in Tenerife.

Ferry from Fuerteventura to Gran Canaria

From Fuerteventura there are two options for Gran Canaria: 

  • From Morro Jables to Las Palmas – 3 Hours / Once per day. (Two ships on this route) 
  • From Porto del Rosario to Las Palmas – 5 Hours / Once per day.

Fuerteventura ⇔ Gran Canaria

1 olsen armas

Morro Jable ⇒ Las Palmas

Embark on an Morro Jable to Las Palmas ferry journey with confidence. Discover schedules, trusted operators, and captivating insights for an unforgettable ride.
2 naviera armas

Puerto del Rosario ⇒ Las Palmas

The ferry from Puerto del Rosario to Las Palmas operated by Naviera Armas takes about 5 hours to reach Las Palmas. Everything you need to know about this ferry line.

Ferry from Lanzarote to Gran Canaria 

A ferry connecting the island of Lanzarote with the largest city on the Canary Islands: Las Palmas.

Arrecife ⇔ Las Palmas

1 naviera armas

Arrecife ⇒ Las Palmas

The Armas ferry from Arrecife to Las Palmas connects the two islands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Everything you need to know about this ferry connection.
From: 95,00
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Frequently asked questions ferry to Gran Canaria

The connections between Tenerife and Gran Canaria are of course very popular. These connections are the only way local residents can move from island to island in a cheap way. Tenerife is the biggest island and Gran Canaria is the 2nd popular island, meaning there is lot's of traffic going on between these islands. 

Two ferry companies own most of the routes: Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen. Towards Gran Canaria Fred Olsen has some really nice vessels. Be sure to check them out if you are interested in these kinds of fast catamarans.

There are two harbors: Las Palmas (By far the biggest one) and Agaete (with only a connection to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

On all ferries in the Canary Islands dogs are allowed on the ferries. Also, the ferries sailing to Gran Canaria.

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