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Ferry to Dublin

Discover the best crossings to the Irish capital

Fast Ferry
stena line irish ferries


Wales ⇔ Ireland
2h 15 mins.
Up to 10 times per day
From: $40.00


France ⇔ Ireland
19 Hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: $302.00


England ⇔ Ireland
8 hours
Up to 3 times per day
From: $124.00

Travel to Dublin by ferry

There are 4 direct crossings to Dublin. You can choose from two ferry companies on the route between Holyhead and Dublin and direct ferries from both Liverpool and France.

Holyhead-Dublin is the shortest and most popular crossing. This ferry sails 10 times per day back and forth and the route is operated by both Stena Line and Irish ferries. Thanks to a fast ferry from Irish Ferries, the crossing can be made in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Depending on where you depart from, taking a ferry to Rosslare or Belfast may also be interesting. From both ports of arrival, it is approximately a 2-hour drive to Dublin.

View our ferry map below and read on for more information about all options.

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Map with all direct ferry routes to Dublin

On the Holyhead-Dublin route you have a choice of two ferry companies. Stena Line sails with a regular ferry and is usually slightly cheaper than the competitor on this connection. Stena Line is also an bit slower since Irish ferries sails with a fast ferry in 2 hours and 15 minutes to Dublin.

A longer crossing from Liverpool is also a good option. This is especially true for those who are already in the Liverpool metropolitan area. A direct ferry from this city is a comfortable way to get to Dublin.

The last direct ferry is a direct ferry from France. This service is ideal for those wishing to travel from mainland Europe to Ireland or Dublin.

Timetable, availability, and compare prices

Booking your ferry tickets has never been easier! With our online booking module, you can easily find and book your desired ferry crossing in just a few clicks. Simply enter your travel dates and destination, and the system will show you all available options. You can then choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. It’s that simple!

Travel tip: Book early

The prices for the ferries rise sharply as the boats fill up. Especially during peak season, the ferries and parking decks fill up quickly. Therefore, book far in advance and avoid high costs.

Ferry from Wales to Dublin

There is one ferry route sailing from Wales to Dublin. This is the ferry crossing Holyhead Dublin which takes you just 2 hours and 15 minutes to Dublin and is operated by Stena Line and Irish Ferries. In total there are 10 departures to Dublin daily.

Fast Ferry 1 stena line irish ferries

Ferry from Liverpool to Dublin

There is also a direct ferry from England to Dublin. This is the ferry from Liverpool to Dublin which sails twice a day. The duration of this route is approximately 8 hours. It is possible to either choose a day or a night crossing on this route to Dublin.

Ferry from France to Dublin

The only ferry from the European mainland is the ferry from Cherbourg to Dublin. With Irish Ferries, you have the option to sail directly from France to Dublin and Ireland and vice versa. This ferry crossing is operated by Irish Ferries and takes you in 19 hours from Normandy to the Irish Capital. 

The sailing time of this trip is 19 hours and the ferries leave up to 5 times per week.

1 Irish Ferries

Alternatives routes to get to Dublin by ferry

There are some other options to get to Dublin. For example by traveling by ferry to the ports of either Rosslare, Cork, or Belfast and then driving from there by car to Dublin.

From both Rosslare and Belfast it is a 2-hour drive to Dublin. You can travel from France, Southern Wales, Scotland, and even Spain via these alternatives.

Check the ferry map with all routes to Ireland. For more information, you can also visit our Ireland ferry guide.

Frequent Asked Questions: ferry to Dublin

There are 3 ferry routes to Dublin which are operated by 3 different ferry companies: P&O Ferries, Stena Line, and Irish Ferries. Stena Line and Irish Ferries both sail on the Holyhead Dublin crossing. Irish Ferries also sails from France (Cherbourg) to Dublin and P&O Ferries has a ferry route to Dublin from Liverpool

When riding the ferry the fastest connection to Dublin is the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin which takes you just 2 hours and 15 minutes to Dublin from Wales. If this is the best crossing for you depends on where you are departing to Dublin. 

The cheapest crossing to Dublin can be booked via Stena Line on the Holyhead-Dublin route. Irish Ferries also has a connection here but is usually a bit more expensive. Still, it is smart not to book directly, but to compare the prices first. As ferries become more crowded, they also become more expensive. So you can simply take more advantage if you book at a smart time.

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