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By ferry to the European Championship 2024

Travel to Germany for the EC 2024 by ferry

From the UK & Ireland:

The European Football Championship is fast approaching, and this year it’s being hosted in Germany. If you want to be there, you can certainly fly to Germany or drive via the Channel Tunnel, but travelling by ferry is a much more comfortable option.

There are several ferry routes that can take you to Germany. From the UK and Ireland, you will need to travel via either the Netherlands or France, as there is no direct ferry service between the UK and Germany.

From Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland.

Germany does have direct ferry connections with the countries in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. From countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, there are direct ferry services to the North German port cities. Among the host cities is Hamburg, which is a short drive from several ferry arrival points.

Crossing map

Use the interactive map to find the appropriate crossing and ferry company. You can zoom in and out and view the routes at the ports. From the UK and Ireland you can travel to either the Netherlands or France and travel further to Germany from here. From the Scandinavian and Baltic countries you have several options to travel to Germany.

From the UK to Germany via France or the Netherlands.

To Germany from Ireland

The host cities for the European Championship include Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, and Stuttgart. On the adjacent map, you'll find the ferry crossings to Germany, along with a map displaying the stadiums.

From Scandinavia and the Baltics to EURO 2024 Germany

All ferry crossings to EURO 2024 in Germany from the UK & Ireland

Travel guide: by ferry to the European Championship

The European Championship is approaching, and if you plan to travel there by ferry, you can use one of the aforementioned ferries mentioned above. Additionally, remember to bring a passport if you're traveling from the UK to Germany. Below, you'll find what we consider to be the most logical crossings for a trip to EURO 2024 in Germany. Of course, which ferry you take depends on where you're departing from and in which city the matches are being played.

Dover ⇒ Calais

Dover to Calais is the quickest way to cross from the UK to France by ferry. It takes just 90 minutes to cover the 26-mile distance.

Dover ⇒ Dunkirk

The DFDS ferry from Dover to Dunkirk (Duinkerken) runs 11 times daily between the UK and France. It takes you to the other side of the English Channel in just 2 hours, making it one of the shortest crossings between France and England.

Newcastle ⇒ Amsterdam

The trip takes you around 17 hours over the North Sea route to the Netherlands. This is a night crossing, so when you book the ferry, you'll also book a cabin. An ideal crossing for tourists in Scotland and Northern-England.

Hull ⇒ Rotterdam

The ferry from Hull to Rotterdam is one of our favourite trips to the Netherlands. It crosses from the UK to Holland in 12 hours on an overnight ferry.

Harwich ⇒ Hook of Holland

The only ferry with destination Hook of Holland, a coastal town near Rotterdam, which departs from Harwich. This is the shortest crossing from the UK to the Netherlands and also the cheapest.

Alternative for the ferry? Eurotunnel to EURO 2024

It is also possible to travel via the Channel Tunnel to Germany via France. You can book a trainticket for the Eurotunnel via this booking module of Direct Ferries.


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All crossings to EURO 2024

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Host Cities & Stadiums for EURO 2024

Price of a beer and a bratwurst in the EURO 2024 stadiums.

Curious about the costs on-site? Here's what you'll spend on beer and a bratwurst in the stadiums of Euro 2024.

Price of a beer, cofffee and a sandwich on the ferry to France

Interested in on-site expenses? Here's what you can expect to pay for beer and a bratwurst at the Euro 2024 stadiums.

And here are the food and beverage costs aboard the ferries, focusing specifically on the Dover to Calais route.
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Irish Ferries

ShipCôte Des FlandresPioneerIsle of Innisfree
Price coffee£3,50 £3,35 £3,25
Price beer£4,40 (0,5l draught beer)£5,29 (0,5l draught beer)£5,95 (330ml bottle)
Price sandwich / baguette£5,95£6,65£7,50