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Destination(s) 🇮🇪 Ireland, 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Operated by P&O
Sailings Up to 3 times per day
Duration 8 hours
Distance 137 miles, 220 km
2p+Car+Return In our estimation € 220
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The crossing between Liverpool and Dublin is being operated by P&O Ferries and sails twice a day with the Norbay and Norbank ferries each way. In about 8 hours you’ll cross the Irish Sea from Liverpool to Dublin and vice versa. You can choose to book either a night or a daytime crossing.

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Ferry to Dublin and Liverpool

The ferry to Dublin from Liverpool and vice versa is one of the fastest crossings between the UK and Ireland and one of the most popular. P&O Ferries operates this route and sails two times a day back and forth between Ireland and England.

4-1-2024 Update
The ferry from Liverpool to Dublin isn't sailing. A good alternative would be the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin. This ferry from Stena Line takes you to Dublin and back in around 2 hours and 15 minutes.
P&O Offers

The crossing takes you just 8 hours to either Dublin or Liverpool port. Book well in advance if you want to bring your car, as the car deck is often fully booked. Dublin and Liverpool are worth the visit, so if you can pack this ferry crossing into your travel schedule, both cities are enjoyable.

On this page, you will find information and tips about this ferry service from P&O Ferries

Ferry Liverpool-Dublin costs

If you want to travel by ferry to Liverpool or Dublin, you can expect the following prices:

  • Tickets are available from P&O Ferries for €114. That is for one person without a car and a single journey in a chair.
  • A crossing with a car and 2 people in peak season quickly costs somewhere around €220,-

The boat ticket prices depend on the season and the crowds, as you can see above. Book early to get the most benefit and ensure you can bring your car, motorbike, or camper on board.

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Availability and prices

Ferry prices depend on the season and crowds. View the current prices in the booking engine

Schedule Liverpool-Dublin

On the route Liverpool-Dublin, two ferries leave daily in both directions. It is possible to book night or day crossings on this route; you have this choice in both directions. In 8 hours, the ferry arrives in either Ireland or England.

The crossing over the Irish Sea is 219 km as the crow flies. Be sure to book in time because the ferries are often booked. Check the exact departure times in both directions in the booking module.

Timetable for the ferry from Liverpool to Dublin

Ferry Liverpool to Dublin

The ferry from Liverpool to Dublin has 2 daily crossings
DepartureArrivalType crossing
09:3017:30Day crossing
21:0005:00Night crossing

The crossing from Liverpool to Dublin normally takes around 8 hours.

From Dublin to Liverpool

Ferry Dublin to Liverpool

The ferry from Dublin to Liverpool has 2 daily crossings
DepartureArrivalType crossing
09:0017:00Day crossing
21:3005:30Night crossing

Sail time Liverpool – Dublin

8-hour crossing, optionally with a cabin when you ride the overnight crossing.

On board the ferry to Liverpool and Dublin

This (and more) can be expected on the P&O Ferries ships.

On this crossing, P&O Ferries sails with the Mistral, Norbay, and Norbank ships. These ferries take you in 8 hours across the Irish Sea. Unfortunately, these ships may be unsuitable for wheelchair users due to their design.

  • Restaurant
  • Bars
  • Cabins
  • Free Wifi
  • Outside deck

Port information Liverpool & Dublin

To get to the departure port, use the address and follow the signs to the terminal when you arrive.

Liverpool ferry terminal

Liverpool terminal address:
P&O Ferries, Branch Dock Two, Gladstone Dock, Bootle L20 1BG

Dublin ferry terminal

Dublin terminal address: North Dock, Dublin, Ireland.

Alternatives to the Dublin – Liverpool crossing

If you're looking for alternatives to the Dublin-Liverpool ferry crossing, consider Holyhead (Wales) Dublin or Belfast-Liverpool. There is no other direct connection between Dublin and Liverpool, so making this crossing is only possible with P&O Ferries.

Frequently Asked Questions, Liverpool-Dublin Ferry

Which ferry companies sail on the Liverpool - Dublin crossing?

P&O operates the ferries between Dublin and Liverpool, P&O Ferries.

How long does it take from Liverpool to Dublin?

The distance covered by the ferry between Liverpool and Dublin is approximately 218 km (as the crow flies). The travel time of the ferry is around 8 hours. It can either be booked as a night or a day crossing.

How often does the ferry go?

P&O Ferries sails twice daily on the crossing between Dublin and Liverpool, so 14 times per week; it is a crossing with high regularity.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, almost on all ferry routes, you can bring your pet (dogs, cats, and ferrets). On short crossings, they stay in the vehicle, and on longer crossings are often kennels available or special cabins where you can bring your pet. Remember that countries often have special rules for pets that are taken across borders.

Route Map

A map covering the connection from Dublin to Liverpool and vice versa, connecting England to Ireland. You can easily zoom in or zoom out on this map. If you want to see all connections nearby, visit our country-level guides to have a complete overview.


From: £98.00