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Large New P&O Vessel (Calais-Dover) In Test Phase

There have been sea trials of the first ship of P&O Ferries this week. From 2023, two new ships will sail for P&O Ferries on the Dover-Calais route. These two new ships will be very large ferries. More than 1500 passengers can sail on these ships and more than 3600 lane meters of cargo can be transported via these ships.

These giants are being built by the Chinese GSI Shipyard and have been on trial for the first time this week. The first of these two vessels is expected to enter service in the first quarter of 2023. The boats will also ensure faster turnaround times in the ports because the boat can depart and arrive from two sides. There is no need to turn anymore.

  • P&O Pioneer – Expected early 2023
  • P&O Liberte – Expected end of 2023

The ship will also have approximately 8,816 MWh of batteries, making it possible to depart from Dover or Calais without diesel engines. These ships have been designed so that they can also be converted to battery electric propulsion at a later date when charging infrastructure is available on both sides of the Channel.

Currently DockedChina, Nansha
Vessel NameP&O PIONEER
Ship typePassenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
Price to make$260 Million

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