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Largest Cruise: Icon of the Seas leaves the Port

The largest cruise ship in the world, the Icon of the Seas, was launched on December 9 at the Meyer Turku shipyard. The safe ship was then moved to the construction dock, where the now fully assembled hull will be completed late next year to become the largest new cruise ship in the world.

The Icon of the Seas will be docked with Royal Caribbean Cruises in late 2023 and will set sail for the first time in January 2024.

The launch of a ship like this one is an important moment for the future of cruises and ferries in general. The Icon of the Seas will use fuel cell technology supplied by ABB Group and liquefied natural gas, with a gross tonnage of 250K GT. These types of innovative ships are the start of a new era.

Icon of the Seas in Numbers

To explain the size of this ship in particular!

  • 365 meters long
  • Up to 7600 guests
  • 7 pools, 9 hot tubs
  • 2,350 crew members
  • 20 total decks (18 guest decks)
  • Owner: Royal Caribbean Cruises

4K Tour of the new ship, Icon of the Seas:

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