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New TT Line ferry ‘Peter Pan’ delivered

Peter Pan, an impressive new ship, will be the second TT Line ferry from a new environmentally friendly generation of boats in the southern Baltic Sea. TT-line will use LNG for its unique green ship.

The ship was delivered to Nanjing, China. And will set off its 49-day maiden journey towards Travemünde to become active on the Travemünde connections. Another good thing is that the ship is used to transport goods on its first trip from China to Northern Europe to improve the environmental footprint of this maiden voyage.

The Peter pan is expected to enter scheduled service in the middle of the first quarter of 2023.

 After a successful high season with our first newbuild, the seventh Nils Holgersson in the history of TT-Line, we are all the more looking forward to the soon commissioning of our second Green Ship, the new Peter Pan.

Managing Director Bernhard J. Termühlen.

The Green Ships Nils Holgersson and Peter Pan are the first ferries in the southern Baltic Sea to run on environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG), currently considered the cleanest ship fuel, approved for the use of bio-LNG.

This ship has more environment-friendly innovations to offer:

  • An energy-efficient air conditioning system
  • Engine heat recovery systems+
  • Fully equipped with LED light sources
  • Optimized hull, including a specially designed bulbous bow.

Sustainable action also applies to life on board. Local products from Sweden, pre-booking meals (also to avoid food waste), reusable crockery, and sustainable products in the onboard shop.

At FerryGoGo, we hope more ships will follow this route!

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  1. I always look at the size of a ship and think that it should be able to carry at least 1000+ passengers! I’m wrong; the Peter Pan only carries 800 passengers. I wonder how many staff they have to have to keep this ship running!

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