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Can I take the dog to the UK?

Yes, your dog is welcome on board the ferry! All ferries from France or the Netherlands to the UK allow pets. There are even special pet-friendly cabins for night crossings. However, you do have to arrange a number of things in advance: for example, a Rabies vaccination and a dog passport.

Import requirements for dogs to Great Britain

You must meet the following requirements if you want to take your dog to England:

  1. The dog must be chipped (Note: do this before the Rabies vaccination!)
  2. Get your dog vaccinated against rabies. The first rabies vaccination must be given at least 21 days before departure
  3. Make sure you have a valid European pet passport
  4. The dog must have a tapeworm treatment shortly before departure (between 1-5 days before entry into the UK)
  5. Complete a declaration that you will not transfer your pet to a new owner in England[1]
Make an appointment with the vet well in advance – about four months before departure – for vaccinations, chip, pet passport and tapeworm treatment.

Banned dogs United Kingdom

These dog breeds are not allowed into England: [2]

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro

Please note: animals younger than 15 weeks are also not allowed.

Rules for dogs per ferry company

Do you already know which boat you want to take? Stena Line, DFDS and P&O Ferries all sail to England. The rules for taking a dog differ per ferry company.

Stena Line rules for dogs. Hook of Holland – Harwich

Many people traveling from the Netherlands take the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich. Stena Line boats sail on this route.

Don’t worry, you can take your dog with you on Stena Line ships! When you travel by car or camper, you can take a maximum of 5 dogs with you. You can leave the dog in the car during the crossing, you will receive a coloured label on the car: this makes it clear that you are transporting a pet. Please note that the car deck is closed during the crossing and you are only allowed to check how your dog is doing in agreement with the staff. Tip: when you reserve a kennel it is easier to visit.

Those traveling on foot are allowed to bring a maximum of 3 dogs. You are then required to reserve a kennel or a pet-friendly cabin. There is a (small) area on board the ferry where you can walk the dog. Unfortunately your little friend is not welcome in the restaurant, bar or shop.

What does it cost?

Taking a dog on board Stena Line costs 21 euros. You pay 3 euro extra to stay in a kennel. When you book a pet-friendly cabin, you do not pay any extra costs for the dog.

DFDS rules for dogs. Calais/Dunkirk – Dover & Dieppe – Newhaven

DFDS operates between Calais – Dover and Dunkirk – Dover. These are short sailing routes and the dog must remain in the car during the crossing. The car deck is closed when the ship is sailing. Would you like to check whether everything is going well? Please discuss this with the staff on board: you can do this at the Guest Service Center. Traveling to the south of England? You might want to take the ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven. Travel time: 4 hours. The same rules for dogs apply to this route[3]

What does it cost?

For 18 euros you can take your dog across the Channel to England

DFDS rules for dogs. IJmuiden – Newcastle

Do you want to take the ferry from The Netherlands (IJmuiden) to Newcastle and bring your dog? Then you can opt for the so-called ‘Pet Hotel', a spacious kennel with a food- and water bowl and a tap. You can visit your dog here whenever you want and walk your dog in a special area on deck.

Or you may prefer to book a pet-friendly cabin so you can spend the entire trip together. The pet-friendly cabin is intended for 4 people and a maximum of 2 dogs.

What does it cost?

You pay 33 euros for a dog ticket to Newcastle.

P&O Ferries rules for dogs. Calais – Dover

The dog is welcome on board at P&O Ferries. On the short crossing between Calais and Dover he basically stays in the car, unless you reserve the Pet Lounge [4] In the lounge you can stay comfortably with your dog, put down your own dog basket, get something to eat and drink and breathe some fresh air on the dog deck.

What does it cost?

For 15 euros you can take your pet on board to Dover. If you also want access to the Pet Lounge, you pay an extra 12 euros per person.

P&O Ferries rules for dogs. Rotterdam – Hull

There are dog friendly cabins on the P&O Ferries boat from Rotterdam to Hull. On this long crossing it is nice to be able to travel together with your four-legged friend. These special pet huts are located close to the dog walking area. [5] The dog is not allowed to go to other places on the ship.

What does it cost?

For a dog-friendly cabin you pay about 30 euros extra.

Extra tips for dogs on board the ferry to the UK

  • Walk your dog just before boarding the vessel
  • Do not feed your dog an hour before boarding as they may become seasick
  • Provide water and fresh air in the car
An exception applies to assistance dogs and guide dogs. They can always come along (for free) and do have access to the public areas on board the ferry to the United Kingdom.

Do you already see yourself walking with your four-legged friend through the characteristic English landscape? Make preparations well in advance and arrange the necessary paperwork. This way, border control will run smoothly and you will have a carefree holiday!

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