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Tinos: sunny and spiritual

What about Tinos? Tinos is one of the lesser-known islands of the Greek Cyclades: great if you want to avoid mass tourism. Tinos is known for the Panagia Evangelistria: an impressive church that appeals to Greek pilgrims.[1]

This is typical Tinos

The island, located within the Cyclades archipelago, has many traditional Cycladic villages, each more picturesque than the last. Orthodox pilgrims visit the famous Panagia Evangelistria church of the Virgin Mary to ask for protection and favours.

More typical Tinos? These are the historic dovecotes from Venetian times. You see them popping up everywhere in the rocky landscape: unique, decorated buildings, sometimes meters high!

White, blue and pink

Although the landscape can be quite barren in the summer, the arid, rocky environment is adorned by white houses with blue shutters and pink bougainvillea. In the lovely little villages you see narrow alleys with cobbled streets and arcaded arches, many chapels and ornate architecture.

Sail to Tinos

To travel to Tinos, you have various options depending on what your plans are. The most common way to reach Tinos is by ferry. Several ferry companies operate regular crossings from Greek port cities, like Piraeus (Athens). The ferry journey offers you a practical travel option and also allows you to enjoy the amazing views of the Aegean Sea during your trip. The holidays have already started!

The ferry crossing from Piraeus (Athens) takes 4 hours, but if you take the fast catamaran from Seajets you can get there in 2.5 hours. Check the sailing schedule in advance, for example on[2] It varies considerably per season which ferry does or does not sail. In the summer months there is usually plenty of choice. But we still recommend booking the ferry in advance.

Can I also get there by plane?

Tinos island has no airport. But, most people fly to the nearest airport and then travel to Tinos by ferry. The nearest international airport is Mykonos International Airport (JMK), located on the neighbouring island of Mykonos. From Mykonos you can take a ferry to Tinos: a short 20 minute trip. Several ferry companies sail from Mykonos to Tinos. So there is plenty to choose from.

Planning to go to the Cyclades islands? Skip the most touristy ones

Visit Tinos if you want to avoid the crowds that the Greek islands usually attract. Imagine watching the Santorini sunset without the hordes of selfie sticks. Avoid the crowded beaches where every towel seems to touch its neighbour. Fortunately, there are indeed islands where you don't have to struggle to catch a glimpse of the real Greek soul. Tinos and for example Amorgos are Cyclades islands that are less touristy. So are you looking for an unspoiled experience? It really is possible.

Which islands besides Tinos do you want to see more? Read more: the secret pearls of the Cyclades islands.

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