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Sassnitz – Trelleborg Ferry Ends Season Early

Unfortunately, the ‘Skane Jet' ferry service operated by FRS Baltic, which connects Sweden and Germany, had to end its 2023 operations prematurely due to delays in obtaining spare parts. This fast ferry route, which typically transports passengers between Sassnitz and Trelleborg in just 2.5 hours, will be temporarily inactive for the remainder of 2023 and is planned to resume service in 2024.

The setback for the Skane Jet, a vital transit link across the Baltic Sea, is rooted in the unavailability of a critical spare part. Unfortunately, this essential spare component will not arrive in time to salvage the remainder of this year's season, primarily due to the persistent disruptions in international supply chains that have recently affected various industries.

The “Skane Jet” prides itself on its swift Baltic Sea crossings, promising a 2.5-hour journey. However, the absence of this crucial spare part could lead to the loss of full power in one of its four propulsion engines. This predicament significantly heightens the risk of delays and even unscheduled cancellations, especially in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Regrettably, these unforeseen developments have forced the early termination of the Baltic Sea ferry season. You can find alternatives for this ferry on our ferry to Sweden from Germany page.

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  1. I have this booked for next year, I’ve not been made aware of this yet I hope the service will resume in time for our family trip.

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