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Last Updated on November 22, 2023
Destination(s) 🇧🇸 Bahamas, 🇺🇸 USA
Sailings Up to 6 times per week
Duration 2 Hours
Operated by Baleària
2p+Car+Return in our estimation $ 360
Distance 51 miles, 82 km
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The ferry to Bimini from Bimini is the shortest ferry connection to the Bahamas. In this guide, we help you book your golden ticket to swaying palm trees and Bahamian adventures, all without the airport hassle. 

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Balearia Caribbean operates the sole ferry line linking Miami (Fort Lauderdale) to Bimini, and we've compiled comprehensive information to create the ultimate guide for this route.

Most important topics:

The Bimini Day Cruise

The Bimini Day Cruise is easily bookable at Viator with the lowest price guarantee active, meaning it won't go any lower. All fees regarding the ferry are included. What's not included, however, is more critical: The day pass to the Hilton Resort on Bimini is not included. This day pass is about $39 and also gives you beach access. Some general tips on this Bimini Day Cruise:

  • If you go for the day cruise, be sure not to forget your travel documents!
  • Food is quite expensive at the Hilton Resort on Bimini.
  • Overall, the experience of travelers tends to be positive. For instance, the crew (on the ferry and the resort) is very friendly. The reviews are not flawless, however, mainly because of the extra costs for the Hilton Resort day pass ($39)
  • This island is known as Ernest Hemingway’s favorite seaside hideaway.

Map and Bimini Route Guidance

Many people want to travel from Miami to the Bahamas. Bimini, a small Bahamian island, is an excellent choice and destination. However, the island is notably distant from the other islands in the Bahamas. If your travel plans include venturing further to Grand Bahama or Nassau, you won't be able to rely on a ferry connection from Bimini. Instead, you'll have to opt for a flight or take the longer 85-mile voyage from Miami, Florida, to Freeport in Grand Bahama. But let's focus on Bimini first

Ferry Map to Bimini from Miami

* When you zoom in on the map towards Bimini and look closely, you see that the ferry to South Bimini is not the same place as the ferry you'll be arriving on. Read more below about this South Bimini connection.

Everything about the ferry from Miami to Bimini

  • You leave from Fort Lauderdale, and while it's called the Miami Ferry, it's technically from Fort Lauderdale, which is 30 minutes away from Miami Center.
  • All trips to the Bahamas from the US can be booked through Directferries. And is operated by Balearia Caribbean. Day trips can be booked with Viator.
  • The Balearia ferries on this route sail up to 6 times per week. Currently, this ferry is sailing three times per week. This changes per season.
  • The duration of this crossing is close to 2 hours.

If you need to navigate to the harbor, you can use the following terminal address:

  • Miami harbor address: Port Everglades: Cruise Terminal – Ft. Lauderdale – USA
  • Bimini harbor address: Fisherman's Village – North Bimini – The Bahamas

This ferry used to be operated by FRS Caribbean but recently changed to Balearia Ferries.

Pricing for the crossover from the Miami-Bimini ferry

  • The current minimal price for this ferry service starts at $180,- for a return trip.
  • In our test bookings, we got a $295 return trip. See the screenshot of the sample booking. Quite close to the bottom price.
  • A Bimini Mini Cruise starts at $259.
  • The price of bringing a dog along is expensive. It's an additional $100,- per pet for a one-way trip.
  • There is an extra charge (charge and taxes) of $70,- per person. This, however, is included in the $180 for a return trip.
  • You'll have to pay extra to use the onboard Wi-Fi.

We think the fare for this trip is not that expensive (pets excluded) for what you'll be getting: A return trip to the Bahamas. Earlier, we said: “Unfortunately, prices have recently increased for this ferry.” However, the prices are still quite reasonable: You can easily book tickets below.

Important: Select Fort Lauderdale – Bimini and not Miami – Bimini for ferries departing to Bimini.

Check-in and Arrival for the ferry to Bimini

The guidance from Balearia Caribbean is obvious on the Check-in time: It starts every day at 6:00 AM. They strongly advise you, however, to be there from 6:15 to 6:45. This is early as the ferry leaves every day at 9:00 AM. The Terminal doors close at 8:00 AM. So don't be late. They are strict at controlling these times, so do follow the guidelines!


Ferry to Bimini

The ferry from Miami to Bimini sails once per day.
DayCheck-in OpensSuggested Check-in TimeTerminal ClosesSailing TimeTime or Arrival
Up to 7 Times/Week6:00 AM6:15 AM - 6:45 AM8:00 AM9:00 AM - 11:00 AM11:00 AM

Shark Diving on South Bimini

Many tourists head for Bimini for Shark Diving, especially in South Bimini. There are popular scuba centers (and a shark research center) to dive for the great hammerhead. Whatever your plans are, If you want to reach south Bimini after your ferry arrival, do the following:

  1. Walk 25 minutes South towards the Bimini Ferry Stop, and you can't miss it. Or even better: you can rent a bike at Eclipse Rentals Bimini and then take the Bike on the Ferry towards South Bimini. This is possible! And on the South Island, the bicycle is the best way of transportation. With the bike, this is only 5 minutes.
  2. Eventually, Take the ferry. It costs up to $10 for a transfer. It's a small ferry. =)
South Bimini - Great Hammerhead
The Great Hammerhead you can spot at South Bimini

The Ferry you'll be using

You'll be traveling with the Jaume II, a fast ferry built in Australia by Incat in 1996[1]Wikipedia: HSC Jaume II, famous for the many fast Catamaran ferries. On board, you'll find a Coffee Shop and a Gift Shop. It's not a very luxurious ferry, but this one will get you to your destination fast. In all our experiences, ‘seasickness is rare on this route. If you are scared of it, be sure to read our seasickness guide.

balearia ferry
Balearia Ferry Jaume II to Bimini Island

Alternative Routes

There are no real alternatives because this island is secluded from the other Bahamas. From Fort Lauderdale, you can also leave towards Grand Bahama. However, this is only an alternative to the complete trip as this is a completely different destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions that are frequently asked for the crossing.

What is the main way to get from A to B on Bimini?

On Bimini there are barely any cars, they are also not needed since the distances are very short. What people use the most are golf carts, however, bikes are also very easy to rent and can get you everywhere. From the North to the South of the Island is only 10 minutes by bike.

Is the ferry an alternative to the plane?

The plane is faster than the ferry, and that's about it. Yet many people choose to go by boat. The reason for this is that the ferry is usually cheaper. Also, the holiday starts from the moment you'll board the ferry. On the plane, this is a different experience.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, but as mentioned in the guide pets are very expensive to bring with you on the ferry from Miami to Bimini.

Is the port on South or North Bimini?

The harbor on Bimini is on the Northern (main) Island.

1Wikipedia: HSC Jaume II

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  1. Mastin-Maston

    You should try to avoid the bad weather, Check-in early (we reached the port at 7:10) at that time it was very convenient. Even though the connection has a few bad reviews (Though most bad reviews are around Covid-19 period) on other websites: It’s simply not true.

    Golf carts are $50 for the day on arrival. I think you missed that in the guide above.

    Personal advice: Don’t only go to spend the day there, take at least one day in a hotel or so for the best experience.

    + PROS: Not as bad as people say it is
    - CONS: Watch out for bad weather, you can get sick from it.
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  2. Roger P

    People should know that the trip is very nice and the staff is friendly at the ferry, the process however is tiring, in total from A to B it can take up to 5/6 hours for the entire trip. Pre-boarding, customs, leaving, etc. A lot of lines. On this they can do much better, take Singapore ferries for example: They have everything perfectly organized.

    + PROS: Staff is very friendly
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  3. Rachel Maybach

    If you’re looking for a quick escape from the Miami hustle, the Bimini day cruise is a solid choice. It’s not without its quirks, but it delivers where it counts.

    The journey begins early in the morning, and you’ll appreciate the convenience of a same-day return trip. The ferry itself is comfortable, though a tad crowded at times. The seats are decent, but if you’re hoping for luxury, you might want to set your expectations lower.

    The highlight, of course, is Bimini itself. The island is a tropical paradise with stunning beaches and clear blue waters. The day cruise gives you just enough time to explore the island.
    While the day cruise does a decent job overall, there are a few downsides. The food options on the ferry are limited and overpriced, so consider packing some snacks. Additionally, the return journey can be a bit tiring, especially if the weather turns choppy. Bring some seasickness medication just in case.

    In summary, the Bimini day cruise is an excellent option for a quick getaway from Miami. It offers a taste of Bahamian paradise without the hassle of an extended stay. Just be prepared for a bit of adventure, and you’ll have a memorable experience.

    + PROS: Tropical Paradise
    - CONS: Seasickness Expensive food
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