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Two jewels of the Ionian Sea: Paxi and Anti-Paxi

Paxi (or Paxoi) and Anti-Paxi are located nearby Corfu. These beautiful islands are the smallest of the Ionian Islands in Greece. Paxi is known for its crystal clear blue waters, beautiful white pebbly beaches and charming villages. It is a popular destination for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and hiking. Paxi and its little brother Anti-Paxi are the ideal holiday destinations for tourists who love the Greek islands, but don’t feel like the mass tourism of Corfu, Crete or Rhodes.

Hiking through the olive groves on Paxi

The beauty of Paxi is astounding. Colourful wildflowers and lush green hills await you here. Hike right through the olive groves, enjoy the stunning sea views and visit the picturesque towns of Lakka and Loggos. At a traditional tavern you will taste the island's olive oil and enjoy a plate of Gyros or Moussaka with a glass of local wine. This is the true holiday feeling!

White pebbly beaches and mysterious sea caves

Tip: bring your beach shoes, because Paxi mainly has pebble beaches. These are stunning beaches where you can lie in the sun or discover the underwater world snorkelling. The steep cliffs and sea caves of Paxi are very impressive. With a boat you can sail straight into the caves and take a refreshing dip in the clear water. Book a boat trip or rent a boat yourself and sail along the coast. This is also the way to visit al the quiet beaches and small bays. Many beaches on Paxi can only be reached on foot or by boat.

Will it be Corfu, Paxi or Anti-Paxi?

Don't expect it to be extinct on Paxi. It is relaxed and relatively quiet, but in the summer months tourists also know how to find Paxi. Fortunately no mass tourism yet. So do you like a vibrant nightlife or many tourist attractions? Then you probably prefer to go to Corfu or one of the other Greek islands.

Seen Paxi? Then take a day for the smallest brother Anti-Paxi; which is just a short boat trip from Paxi. Anti-Paxi is a tiny island with great bays and beaches, all of them equally beautiful! You mainly see day-trippers on Anti-Paxi, but staying the night in an apartment is also possible.

By ferry to Paxi and Anti-Paxi

The ferry to Paxi departs from Corfu. Kamelia Lines departs from Lefkimmi in Corfu and takes you to Paxi in an hour with a fast boat. Kerkyra Lines departs farther north, from the ferry terminal in the port of Corfu . You will first sail to the port of Igoumenitsa on mainland Greece and then on to Paxi. All ferries arrive at the beautiful hidden port of Paxi Island: Gaios. The ferry to Anti-Paxi also departs from Gaios.

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