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Take the camper or caravan to the Wadden Islands

Do you want to go to one of the Dutch Wadden Islands with your caravan or camper? That’s a great plan! You can easily take your camper or caravan on board the ferry to Texel, Ameland or Terschelling. We help you understand what rules apply in your case. How big can your camper be? How much does the crossing cost when you take your caravan? And do you have to book in advance?

On campingtrip with the caravan to Texel, Ameland or Terschelling

In the morning you walk through the dunes towards the sea: time for your first fresh dive of the day. Camping on a Wadden Island is a beautiful experience. Especially the dune campsites are favorite among tourists.

The Wadden Islands of Texel, Terschelling and Ameland are accessible for vehicles. You can easily take your camper or caravan on the ferry to the Wadden Islands. Do you want to go to Vlieland or Schiermonnikoog? Then you travel on foot. These islands are car-free. So unfortunately, it is not possible to take a caravan to Schiermonnikoog or Vlieland. Would you still like to camp on one of the car-free islands? Bring your own tent or rent a cool glamping accommodation!

Texel: Caravan on the ferry Wadden Islands. How does it work?

Please note: You cannot reserve the boat to Texel. Make the crossing Den Helder – Texel whenever you want. Of course it’s smart to buy a ticket online. When buying the ticket, specify the length of the motorhome or the length of the car + caravan and enter your registration number. Your license plate will be read and the barrier will open automatically. You do not have to go to a counter in the port of Den Helder. And you always buy a return ticket to Texel (one way is not possible). So you don't have to buy a new ticket on the way back.

For all ferry crossings, it is important that you measure the exact length of your camper or caravan. Measure the full length of the motorhome or car plus caravan. And don't forget the bike rack!

How much do you pay for the caravan or camper on the boat to Texel?

The ferry service from Den Helder to Texel is operated by TESO. When you buy a ticket online, you fill in the day of the week you want to depart on. On less busy days (weekdays) you can make the crossing with a 30% discount.

In general, the price paid for the ferry increases the longer your motorhome or caravan is. Compared to other Wadden Islands, the prices for the ferry to Texel are reasonable. On the ‘expensive' days Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday you pay €57,05 for the crossing with a car + caravan including 4 occupants.[1]

Passenger car + Caravan€57,05
Camper (from 6,5 meters)€57,05
Bus / Camper (up to 6,5 meter)€39,00
Motorhome / Caravan rates ferry Texel (summer 2023 – weekend)

Rates for caravans and motorhomes to Texel include passengers. For the boat to Ameland and Terschelling you do have to pay extra for passengers.

Read more about the Den Helder – Texel timetable, ticket prices and extra tips for your holiday on Texel
ferry texel

Ameland: Caravan on the ferry Wadden Islands. How does it work?

When you buy the tickets for the boat to Ameland online, you specify the number of passengers and the length of the vehicle and caravan (including drawbar). Please note: it can be measured in the port. You also specify the height and width. If you have a bicycle carrier on the back or on top of the car or camper, you must also enter this. Book the boat to Ameland on time! Many sailings at popular times fill up quickly. Very early or late departures are often available.

What does a ticket for the camper on the ferry to Ameland cost?

Taking the caravan on board the ferry to Ameland is more expensive. The bigger the caravan, the more you pay. Below you see a price example of the ferry to Ameland for summer 2023 (return).[2]

Please note: all camper/caravan rates for the boat to Ameland do not include passengers!

Passenger car + Caravan (6 to 7 meters)€282,05
Camper (7 meters)€196,00
Bike rack€21,00
Camper / Caravan rates ferry Ameland (summer 2023)

Ferry company Wagenborg provides the crossing to Ameland. The crossing takes 50 minutes. Wagenborg also offers a fast service. With a fast boat you can sail from Holwerd to Ameland in 20 minutes. No cars, campers or bicycles are allowed on board the express service and you are only allowed to take hand luggage.

Want to know more about the ferry from Holwerd to Ameland? Check our information page

Terschelling: Caravan on the ferry Wadden Islands. How does it work?

You can take your own caravan or camper on the boat to Terschelling. Enough nice campsites on this beautiful Wadden Island! Book your ticket in advance at Rederij Doeksen. If you travel by car, caravan or motorhome, you have to book in advance. You can reach Terschelling in about 2 hours by ferry. Terschelling also has a fast service for foot passengers. The crossing then takes only 50 minutes.

Bring your caravan or motorhome to Terschelling: what does it cost?

In the summer period – from 1 April to 31 October 2023 – the following rates apply for the ferry to Terschelling (return) [3]

Please note: all camper/caravan rates for the boat to Terschelling do not include passengers!

Passenger car + Caravan (together up to 12 meters)€357,44
Camper (7 meters)€242,76
Bike rack€23,38
Camper / Caravan ferry rates Terschelling (summer 2023)

TIP: The off-peak rate at Rederij Doeksen: you get a 20% discount on selected sailings.

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