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From: £26.00

Duration 2 Hours
Destination(s) 🇳🇱 Netherlands, 🇳🇱 Wadden Islands
Operated by Doeksen
Sailings Up to 3 times per day
Distance 15 miles, 24 km
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 110

You can reach the other side within 2 hours by boat from Harlingen to Terschelling. Currently, the route is only offered by Rederij Doeksen.

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Ferry from Harlingen to Terschelling

There are three routes to Terschelling Island. The route from Harlingen to Terschelling is by far the most popular. The two other routes link Terschelling with neighbouring islands Vlieland and Ameland.

On this page you will find a lot of information and tips about this ferry service.

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Tickets can be purchased at the window, though you are recommended to do so in advance. This will help streamline your travels, and you will not run the risk that tickets are sold out. It is easy to make ticket reservations online.

Timetable Harlingen to Terschelling

For the crossing from Harlingen to Terschelling, Rederij Doeksen sticks to a daily schedule with the following arrival and departure times

  • Departure Harlingen: either 08:05 or 08:15
  • Arrival Terschelling: around 10:00

The return from Terschelling to Harlingen sails on the following daily schedule

  • Departure Terschelling: 07:05
  • Arrival Harlingen: around 09:00
Times above are meant for the normal service, fast service will be around 1,5 hours faster.


Departure, sailing time and arrival

How long in advance do you have to be present?
You must be present at least half an hour in advance.

The ship to Terschelling departures from: Waddenpromenade 5, 8861 NT Harlingen

Harlingen Terschelling duration
The sailing time between Harlingen and Terschelling is approximately 2 hours if you travel with the normal service. Fast service will take about 50 min. The exact sailing time may differ due to weather conditions and currents.

Arrival Terschelling
The ferry arrives at the following address: Haventerrein, 8881 BC West-Terschelling

Parking Terminal and Transportation Information

There are a number of parking lots in Harlingen. These are not operated by Doeksen, and are at varying distances from the terminal. On busy days, you might be forced to look for a parking spot on a lot that is farther removed from the boat. Please make sure to arrive in plenty of time to find a parking spot and make your way to the terminal. Signs point the way to the parking lots. Parking garage Veerterminal is adjacent to the ferry terminal, and parking lot Tjerk Hiddes is a 10 minute walk. The parking lots also provide shuttles.

Ferry Harlingen to Terschelling costs

Rates can vary quite a bit. For an adult person you pay about €22 euros in winter and €29 euros in summer (retour). If you would also like to take the car with you, you pay €165 in the winter and €131 in the summer.

For the fast service, you pay about double the price

About Terschelling


Terschelling is a Wadden Island in the northern part of the North Sea, along the Wadden Sea in the south. Tershelling has approximately 40 km of beach. Terschelling consists of 12 townships, or municipalities. West-Terschelling is the capital of Terschelling.

Just like the other Wadden Islands, Terschelling is a very popular tourist destination. The wide beaches are perfect for all sorts of activities. In some places, the beach is as much as 500 meters wide. Bicycling is also a popular activity on Terschelling. The island has 70 km of bicycle paths and it is an ideal place to explore by bicycle. Terschelling sets itself apart from the other islands with its nightlife. The towns are full of entertaining bars and restaurants. During peak season, they are visited mostly by young people, though there are always guests of all ages, but in the off season guests are mostly local Terschellingers.

Terschelling is also famous for its Brandaris lighthouse. This 400 year old lighthouse is a symbol of the island. The Oerol Festival is inextricably linked with Terschelling. This annual theatre event has grown into a true sensation. It is now one of the largest theatre festivals in Europe. Other attractions on Terschelling are:  The Bunker Museum, the Shipwreck Museum and a great deal of beautiful nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that are frequently asked for the this crossing to Terschelling:

How long does the crossing from Harlingen to Terschelling take?

The crossing from Harlingen to Terschelling takes a total of 2 hours for the normale service and 50 minutes for the fast service.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, you can bring your pet for free on this boat trip.

Can you bring a bicycle on board the ferry?

Yes, you can easily select when booking that you want to take a bicycle on board the ferry. A bicycle costs about €12 per trip.

Are there other wadden island options to visit?

Yes, an other fun option could be: Harlingen-Vlieland.

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From: £26.00