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Duration 1h 30 mins.
Destination(s) 🇳🇱 Netherlands, 🇳🇱 Wadden Islands
Operated by Doeksen
Sailings Up to 3 times per day
Distance 15 miles, 24 km

The ferry from Harlingen to Vlieland is operated by Rederij Doeksen. There are ferries going up and down all year round but in high season there are more departures to choose from. You can make the crossing to Vlieland with the regular ferry service or with the fast ferry.

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Sneldienst Doeksen

Ferry to Vlieland

The Harlingen-Vlieland ferry brings you to a car-free destination. This means you cannot take your motorised vehicles to the island. However, there are services on the island that will bring your luggage from the boat to your destination on the island. Please ask your accommodation host for information, or make reservations in advance. Bicycles can be booked in advance, but are also available on arrival.


Tickets can be purchased at the window in Vlieland, but you are recommended to do so in advance. You can reserve your tickets easily online or by telephone. Contact information is listed here.

Book easily online
Book tickets

It is possible to buy a ticket at the box office in Harlingen, but it is recommended to do this in advance. This can easily be done online.

Timetable Harlingen – Vlieland

The timetable between Harlingen and Vlieland is somewhat complex and contains many exceptions. There is in any case during the whole week a boat in the morning, afternoon and evening:

Ferry to Vlieland

  • Morning 09:05
  • Afternoon: 14:05
  • Evening: 19:05

Ferry to Harlingen

  • Morning 06:50
  • Afternoon: 11:50
  • Evening: 16:50

In addition, there are various extra options on busier days. You can find these best in the booking module of Rederij Doeksen.

Departure, sailing time & arrival

How far in advance do you need to be present?

It is recommended to be at the port of Harlingen or Vlieland at least 30 minutes before departure.

Address departure ferry Harlingen

Wadden promenade 5
8861 NT Harlingen

Vaarduur Vlieland-Texel

The regular ferry service takes 95 minutes, the express service sails from Harlingen to Vlieland in 45 minutes.

Vlieland ferry arrival

The ferry service arrives in the village of Oost-Vlieland. Depending on the destination, you can continue your journey on foot, by bicycle, by bus or by taxi. On the island there are also services that bring the luggage to the desired location. You can inquire about this with your accommodation provider or book it in advance.

Bicycles are also best reserved in advance. Zeelen bicycle rental is located at the harbor. But you can also go to other bicycle rental companies on the island. They often put the bikes ready for you in the port.

Costs ferry Harlingen – Vlieland

Prices Vlieland crossing (retour)

The prices are exclusive of tourist tax. A one-way ticket costs 60% of the price of a return ticket.
Type ticketPeak seasonLow season
Child 0 t/m 4free (you need te ticket)free (you need te ticket)
Child 4 t/m 11€14,92€14,42
12 t/m 64€29,98€28,96

Fast service Vlieland prices (retour)

The prices are exclusive of tourist tax. A one-way ticket costs 60% of the price of a return ticket.
Type ticketPrices
Child 0 t/m 3€15,30
Child 4 t/m 11 jaar€29,72
12 t/m 64 jaar€44,26

About Vlieland

Aankomst veerdienst harlingen-vlieland

Vlieland is a smaller island without motorised traffic, which lends it a special holiday feeling. The authentic little town of Oost-Vlieland is small and cosy. The island also has a small area with holiday homes, and Stortemelk is a campsite. Besides that, the island consists of dunes, beaches and nature. These attributes mean Vlieland is a peaceful island, immanently suited for cycling and hiking.

The town of Oost-Vlieland is not very large, but absolutely bubbles with island nostalgia. Beautiful ancient houses, a little church, and a dune 40 meters tall topped by a lighthouse complete the picture.

Vlieland may not be large, but there is plenty to do, even on a longer visit. The Wadden Sea with its famous sand banks where boats and seals rest at low tide. The North Sea coast has fabulous beaches, and is a wonderful place to take a refreshing dip in the sea. Vliehors is in the southwest. It is 24 square kilometres of very wide beach comprising both a nature reserve and military training ground. Vliehors is also home to the more than 100 year old reddingshuisje (drowning victims’ refuge). Take the Vliehors Express to reach this fun destination. With a little bit of luck, you will see a few seals along the way.

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Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

The ferry between Harlingen and Vlieland is currently operated by: Doeksen.

How long does the Harlingen-Vlieland crossing take?

The travel time of the Harlingen-Vlieland ferry is around: 1h 30 minutes. Please arrive early at the harbor and calculate extra time for check-in and boarding if necessary. How long in advance you need to be present is usually communicated on your ticket or on the website of the ferry operator you sail with.

How often does the Harlingen-Vlieland ferry sail?

You can usually take the ferry from Harlingen to Vlieland (or the ferry from Vlieland to Harlingen) Variable. Depending on the season, the amount of people on the ferry and the weather forecast, the ferry company can deviate from the timetable/ferry schedule.

What is the distance between Harlingen and Vlieland?

The distance between Harlingen and Vlieland is approximately 15 miles or 24 km.


From: £26.00