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From: 38.00

Duration 1h 30 mins.
Destination(s) 🇳🇱 Netherlands, 🇳🇱 Wadden Islands
Operated by
Sailings Up to 1 time per day
Distance 12 miles, 20 km

The ferry from Texel to Vlieland is a lovely way to travel. The ship is small, and the crossing is adventurous. On arrival, you will board an enormous beach truck that drives you across the largest sand flats in northwestern Europe.

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Waddenveer texel-vlieland

Ferry between Vlieland and Texel

Wadden Ferry de Vriendschap (The Friendship) transports island-hoppers and day-trippers back and forth between Texel and Vlieland. This service is only available in peak season, and the ferry is only accessible to foot passengers. If you book a one-way trip, you can take your bicycle with you. This is a popular option for bicycle holiday travellers who plan to explore the island on their bicycles.


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Book tickets

Tickets can be bought at: “De Noorman” at Volharding nr 2a opposite the KNRM building, near beach pole 33 in De Cocksdorp. This is also the place where the jetty is with which you get on the boat. Tickets are also easy to order online.

Timetable Vlieland – Texel

The boat from Texel to Vlieland does not run throughout the season. Usually it is possible to sail from the month of April. The season then ends again in September. There are also differences in the number of departures within the period in which the ferry operates. For example, in peak season it is possible to make a daily crossing. Departure times vary less in that regard. The ferry usually goes from Vlieland to Texel in the morning and back at the end of the afternoon.

Departure times Texel and Vlieland

  • From Texel to Vlieland: 17:15
  • From Vlieland to Texel: 9:30

If you opt for a departure on Tuesday (a different day due to a different mooring location), it is best to view the overview on These departure and arrival times depend on the tides.

Departure, sailing time & arrival

How far in advance do you need to be present?

It is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance.

Departure point Texel

The boat departs opposite the Lifeboat House of the KNRM, near Strandpaviljoen Kaap Noord Paal 33 Navigation address: Volharding 2a, De Cocksdorp.

Sailing time Vlieland-Texel

The transfer takes 30 minutes. You then travel by Vliehors Express over a sandy plain and the beach towards the Posthuys. It is located on the other side of the Island near the village of Oost-Vlieland. This ride also takes 30 minutes. On Tuesdays the crossing is directly between Texel and the harbor in Oost-Vlieland. Then the crossing takes 1.5 hours, but you skip the ride in the truck.

Arrival Vlieland

On Vlieland you arrive at the jetty at the southern point of the island. From here you get on the Vliehors Express and drive to the Posthuys. This is a hotel/restaurant from where the bug starts and you can easily continue cycling to your destination. On Tuesday, however, the program deviates: then the boat sails to the harbor of Oost Vlieland.

Are you traveling from Texel to Vlieland? Then the journey proceeds the same in reverse order.


The Vliehors Express takes you from the Vlieland pier to the Posthuys hotel. A bus route departs from here, but you can also enjoy a wonderful bicycle ride to your Vlieland destination.

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Costs ferry Texel – Vlieland

Waddenveer De Vriendschap serves as a seal boat, boat for day trips and as a ferry between the islands of Vlieland and Texel. This also includes different prices. It is only possible to take a bicycle with you on the one-way journeys.

Rates one way crossing

• Adults: €29.50
• Children from 3 to 10 years: €15
• Children under 3 years: Free
• Bike €12.50
• Tandem: €27.50

Rates Day trips

• Adults: €35
• Children from 3 to 10 years: €27.50
• Children under 3 years: Free

Frequently asked questions

There are a number of questions that are often asked about the boat from texel to vlieland:

Can you cycle from Texel to Vlieland?

Yes, it is possible to take your bike on the ferry. However, this only applies to passengers who book a one-way ticket and not for day trips.

Can you travel from Texel to Vlieland by car?

It is not possible to travel by car between Texel and to travel to Flanders. The ferry is not built for that and Vlieland is a car-free island.

Can the dog come on board the Friendship?

Yes, dogs can come on board. If you have more than one dog, you must indicate this when booking.


From: 38.00