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Legoland® Billund Resort

Have you ever played with LEGO®? The one and only Legoland® is located in the middle of the Danish peninsula Jutland. In the town of Billund to be exact. If you have small children Legoland® was probably already on your destination list. But even as an adult you should have seen this amusement park made of building blocks!

LEGO® creations in Miniland

The kids will love it. Ninjago, pirates, dragons… They will recognize all the familiar LEGO® themes and marvel at the huge creations built of countless bricks. The little ones can enjoy themselves in Duploland where brave toddlers can fly in a real DUPLO® plane.

Legoland® once started with Miniland: it is the heart of the amusement park. Replica’s of well-known cities and famous buildings, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, are made from coloured LEGO® bricks.

The coolest rides at Legoland® Denmark

What makes Legoland® so much fun? It is a amusement park for all ages. Even if your teenagers no longer play with LEGO®, there is much for them to discover. Step into one of the wild water tracks or roller coasters and make a loop in your own Sky Battle plane. The fastest roller coaster, the Polar X-Plorer, goes 65 km/h. Hold on tight for that 5 meter free fall!

Want to play with LEGO® yourself?

LEGO® blocks have a magical appeal to almost everyone. the whole family is completely absorbed in building a cool LEGO® or DUPLO® castle. In line for an attraction? No problem, because even in the queue you can play with blocks. Another super fun attraction is the LEGOREDO® River: build your own LEGO® boat and sail it across a wild river. Which boat will win the race?

Legoland® hotel, LEGO® House and Lalandia

Stay in a princess or pirate room at the Legoland® hotel. Here you will find your own LEGO® play table in the room. Everywhere in the hotel you can play with LEGO® bricks, watch LEGO® movies or play video games. Have you recovered from Legoland®? Then there is even more to do in Billund the next day:

  • In the LEGO® House[1] there are no spectacular attractions like in Legoland®. It is a lot less busy, so just get inspired and take your time building with Lego®
  • For those who have seen enough colored stones, Billund has another spectacular place: Lalandia[2] Lalandia is a well-known Scandinavian holiday resort with a gigantic play and swimming paradise.

By ferry to Norway or Sweden? Make a stop at Legoland®

The kids will be thrilled when you tell them that your Scandinavian holiday starts in Legoland®. This is how you travel from Denmark to Sweden and Norway:

PLAN YOUR TRIP – Ferry Denmark – Sweden
Do you want to travel to Sweden from Jutland in Denmark? Then the most common ferry routes are Grenaa – Halmstad or Frederikshaven – Goteborg (more to the North). Of course you can also take the toll paid bridge to Sweden or go for the shortest crossing by ferry to Sweden: Helsingor- Helsingborg
PLAN YOUR TRIP – Ferry Denmark – Norway
You can catch the boat to Norway in the north of Denmark. Take the ferry from Frederikshavn to Oslo. Or drive to the harbor town of Hirthals and get on the boat to Langesund, Kristiansand, Bergen or Larvik.

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