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Ferry to Santander

The #1 Guide to get you by ferry to Santander (Spain)


England ⇔ Spain
28h 30 mins
2 times per week
From: 273,00


England ⇔ Spain
20 Hours
2 times per week
From: 361,00

Travel to Santander by ferry from the UK

When you travel by ferry to Spain from the UK there are two possible cities of arrival: Santander and Bilbao. This guide helps you book the best ferry when you want to travel to Santander. 

There is one company offering ferry transfers from the UK to Santander and that is Brittany Ferries. You can leave from two harbors(Plymouth and Portsmouth), check the map which connection is closest to you, and after the map, we will find out which connection to Santander is the best option for you. 

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Map with all ferry routes to Santander

Check availability and compare prices

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Plymouth vs Portsmouth

Plymouth is a three and a half hour's drive from Portsmouth. The majority of the UK lives closer to Portsmouth than to Plymouth. If you arrive from the north of England it however doesn't differ that much. Most of the time you will gain 1 hour if you drive to Portsmouth compared to Plymouth.

The cost to Santander compared

So we did two test bookings in the first month of April:

plymouth santander test booking

Plymouth Santander test booking (@ Directferries)

portsmouth santander test booking

Portsmouth Santander test booking (@ Directferries)

If you look at these prices you can see that Plymouth Santander is in this case very cheap compared to Portsmouth. Almost half the price. Also, the time on the ship is 13 hours less!

Why is from Plymouth to Santander that much better?

The extra driving distance is always about ~ 1 hour. That's the only downside. For that, you get a way lower price and you will get there way faster. (10+! hours) There is another thing that we must mention though: On Plymouth Santander, you'll be traveling on the Brittany Ferries flagship: The MV Pont Aven. 

Good luck with your choice =) if you want to compare prices check-out Directferries (Also our first choice to book your trip).

Frequent Asked Question ferries to Santander

Let one image alone do the talking here:Ferry to Santander

The ferry from Plymouth takes you 20 hours to the city of Santander, this is a one-night crossing and is the fastest connection from UK to Spain.