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HYDRA: World’s first liquid hydrogen-powered ferry

A leading global industrial gases and engineering company, Linde announced that the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered ferry for cars and passengers, Hydra, was launched by the Norwegian shipping company Norled. The 82.4-meter-long ferry serves on a triangular route between Hjelmeland, Spikavik, and Nesvik in Norway.

The maritime shipping industry is always on the lookout for ways to reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses and the use of alternative fuels like hydrogen is probably one of the best approaches for zero-emission ferries.

After running tests at the quay in Hjelmeland since the beginning of 2023, Norled has put a new ferry with 80 cubic meter hydrogen tanks into operation on 31st March, making it a historic day for Norway. The ferry is expected to reduce its annual carbon emissions by up to 95%.

About Hydra

With 2 200 kW fuel cells, 2 440 kW diesel generators, and a 1.36-1.5 MWh battery, Hydra can accommodate up to 300 passengers and 80 cars. This 82.4m long ferry will be able to reach a speed of nine knots.

“Hydrogen is beginning to decarbonize mobility around the world – primarily for long-haul transportation like trains and trucks. We are proud to have worked with Norled on the world’s first project to safely supply clean hydrogen to the marine sector, a step forward for the transition to climate-friendly fuels.”

Armando Botello, President Region Europe North, Linde

“Norled and our partners are pioneering a shift within the maritime sector. Liquid hydrogen can play an important role as a zero-emission fuel for shipping and we look forward to seeing the use of this technology gather momentum around the world.”

Heidi Wolden, CEO of Norled

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