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Visit the 5 most beautiful islands in Croatia

Croatia offers a wealth of islands. And they are all packed with history, rugged nature, relaxed beaches and culinary delights. Can't choose which island to visit this summer? Compare the 5 most beautiful islands in Croatia here:

1. Hvar

Hvar is buzzing with energy. This beautiful Croatian island offers a perfect mix of glamour and nature. It is a lively island so you will meet many other tourists.

Typical Hvar:

  • Ibiza beach vibe
  • Small bays where you can swim in the clear blue sea
  • Delicious local wines
  • Purple lavender fields
  • Historic towns
  • Exciting nightlife
  • DJs on the Pakleni Islands (small ‘party islands' off the coast of Hvar)
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2. Korčula

What a lovely island! Korčula has everything: sun, sea, beach, nature and culture. All enchanting ingredients of a perfect holiday island. At the end of the holiday you are sure you want to come back to Korčula.

Typical Korčula:

  • Historic atmosphere
  • Old walled town of Korčula with the cathedral St. Mark
  • Birthplace of Marco Polo
  • Beautiful pebble and sand beaches
  • Renting a boat and discover the mini islands off the coast
  • Local wine to taste

3. Vis

Hop on a high-speed catamaran ferry and sail from Split to Vis in just over an hour. You end up in an oasis of peace and serenity. The island is small, but the rock formations are spectacular! Steep cliffs and bizarre rock formations give the island prestige. The rocks form exciting caves and hidden bays with beautiful sandy beaches. Well-known are the Stiniva bay and the blue cave on the neighbouring island of Biševo.

Typically Vis:

  • Small and nice and (yet) no mass tourism
  • Spectacular rock formations
  • Enclosed bays
  • Idyllic beaches
  • Network of old army tunnels
Stiniva Bay Vis
Stiniva Bay Vis

4. Brač

Ideal for beachlovers, because Brač has fine beaches where you can relax. For example, visit the famous beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn), where the sparkling water of the Adriatic Sea calls for a refreshing dip. But Brač offers more than just the beach: the more active holidaymaker can also indulge in the beautiful nature of Brač.

Typical Brač:

  • Sun, sea and beach holiday
  • Hiking over green mountain tops and past medieval monasteries
  • Breathtaking views
  • Idyllic villages with white houses with red roof tiles
  • Culinary delights from Croatian cuisine
Zlatni Rat Brac
Zlatni Rat Beach – Brač

5. Mljet

Mljet is the greenest island in the row. A large part of the island is protected as a national park. Fairytale forests, mountains and small bays: Mljet is a wonderful natural island to stay. Don't like crowds? Good news, because mass tourism has not yet reached this island.

Typical Mljet:

  • Fantastic mountains, forests and saltwater lakes
  • Serenity. Because tourism is (still) minimal
  • Excellent accommodations and restaurants
  • Walk, kayak or cycle through the green natural beauty

The Ferry to the Croatian Islands

Why limit yourself to one paradise island when you can explore many more in Croatia? This country is ideal for island hopping. From the breathtaking beaches of Hvar to the mysterious charm of Korčula and the relaxed vibes of Vis.

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