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Cap de Barbaria: Spain’s first electric ferry

Baleària's very first green ferry is called the Cap de Barbaria and has recently started operating between Ibiza and Formentera. Sustainability is of paramount importance at Baleària and in recent years the Spanish ferry company has invested in sustainable innovations of their ferries.

The Cap de Barbaria is currently the most eco-friendly vessel in Baleària’s fleet. This ferry consumes little energy when sailing at sea. And it sails completely electrically, without any CO2 emissions, during manoeuvring and docking in the port.

The Cap de Barbaria is named after a fascinating nature reserve in Formentera. Cap de Barbaria with its 100 meters high impressive cliff is the most southerly point of the Balearic archipelago.

Baleària in the future: hydrogen-powered ferry

Baleària is simultaneously launching another sustainable project with this ship. The Cap de Barbara will serve as a test lab for the use of green hydrogen. The new ferry has been made ‘H2 ready' so the shipping company can master sailing on hydrogen.[1]

Lounging in a hammock on the deck of Cap de Barbaria

This new ferry also has a new interior. Enjoy the view on the upper deck, in the ‘chill zone' shaded by a canvas. Here you can lie down in a lazy beach chair, hammock or on a designer lounge sofa. Below deck there’s a tasteful décor with luxurious seats as well. On some days there is even a DJ on board! So, get a cocktail at the bar and continue your Ibiza holiday on the boat.

Book the green ferry Ibiza – Formentera

The green ferry Cap de Barbaria sails on the Ibiza – Formentera route. It is a short crossing, you will be on the island of Formentera within an hour. Formentera is a popular destination for day-trippers from Ibiza. Popular for its beautiful beaches, tranquillity and nature. The small scale ensures that the relaxed island vibe is always there.

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