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Ferry to Portugal from Ireland

The most ideal way to travel to Portugal by ferry from Ireland


Spain ā‡” Ireland
18 Hours
From: 227,00

Travel to Portugal by ferry from Ireland

Many people are looking for possibilities to travel to Portugal by ferry. Unfortunately there is no direct ferry from Ireland to Portugal, but the good news is; there is a direct ferry from Ireland to Spain. This ferry sails to Bilbao in Northern Spain from where you can easily by car or public transport to Portugal.

Brittanny Ferries only started sailing recently on this tourism-oriented route.[1]Pet-friendly cabins, tapas and boutique shops: Onboard the new ferry from Ireland to Spain, Euronews

There are 2 weekly sailings from Rosslare to Bilbao and vice versa. On this page, you'll find more information on the ferry from Ireland to Portugal via Spain.Ā 

There is not really a good alternative to this ferry, except for flying. You could sail from Ireland to France and then drive all the way to Portugal but this is a long trip without the convenience and comfort of travelling by ferry most of your trip.

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The best ferry route from Ireland to Portugal (via Spain)

If you aim to travel by ferry to Portugal from Ireland this is in our opinion the best route to travel. It is possible to bring your car on the ferry. The connection that we would prefer is the direct ferry from Rosslare to Bilbao – which is pretty straightforward.

The alternativesĀ are routes from Ireland to France, for example Dublin-Cherbourg or Cork-Roscoff and then drive all the way to Portugal.

Timetable, availability, and compare prices

Our online booking module makes it a bit easier to find and book your ferry crossing to Portugal from Ireland. All you have to do is enter your departure port, destination, and travel dates. The system will show you the best routes and possible alternatives. You can then choose the ferry that best suits your needs and budget. Have a great trip!Ā 

When using the booking module keep in mind that there are no direct ferries, you'll have to travel via either France or Spain to Portugal.

Travel tip for trips to Portugal: Book early

As there is only a single connection from Ireland to Portugal via Spain, you won't be surprised that the boats fill up quite fast, especially during peak season the packing decks are sold out fast. Book far in advance and avoid high costs.

Your best option: Ireland to Spain – Rosslare – Bilbao

This is the best and most comfortable option you have if you travel from Ireland to Portugal. We would highly recommend you book the ferry from Rosslare to Bilbao if you're planning a vacation in Spain or Portugal from Ireland.
Rosslare is located in the South of Ireland, and Bilbao is in the North of Spain. Rosslare is just a 2-hour drive from Dublin and about 4 hours from Belfast.
All sailings will enjoy at least one night on board. On the return trip, it is often a 1-night crossing. You'll leave Spain for Ireland on a Thursday evening or Sunday later morning and be back the day later.
The ferry from Ireland to Spain is also a good connection for travelers to the South of France.
Sailing to Bilbao? When you depart on Friday you can then make use of the 2-night sailing, the Wednesday morning departures to Bilbao, or one-nighters. You'll be sailing on the Ship Salamanca which will be able to carry 1,000 passengers from the Europort.
Tickets start at around ā‚¬190 or Ā£170, but in peak season with 2 persons a car + a cabin it will quickly be around ā‚¬500,- or Ā£470.
Travel time for Ireland to Spain on the one-night crossings is about 28 hours and covers some 1031 km as the crow flies.

Ireland ā‡” Portugal via Spain

1 brittany ferries


Since early November 2022 onwards the ferry from Ireland to Spain and vice versa started sailing sailing. The direct ferry between Bilbao and Rosslare is ideal when you want to travel to Spain and want to bring your own transport or want to enjoy an early start to your vacation. You can either sail with a one-night or two-night crossing from Rosslare to Bilbao with Brittany Ferries. there are 2 crossings back and forth every week on this connection.

From: 227,00
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Option 2: From Ireland via the UK to Portugal via Spain.

The option above seems to us as the most logical choice but to offer tourists and travelers some alternatives we've looked into other options. There are 3 crossings from the UK to Spain. So you can also decide to travel via the UK to Ireland.Ā 

From Portsmouth, two ferries leave for Spain: Portsmouth-Santander and Portsmouth-Bilbao. From Plymouth (Devon) you can also sail to Santander. So if the ferry from Rosslare is overbooked, or you want to sail to Santander, you can opt for one of these routes,

When you do go sailing from the UK, you first have to find a suitable ferry from Ireland to the UK[2]Ferries from Ireland to the UK, to get to the port of departure.

In case you're wondering about the prices, these are comparable with the crossing from Rosslare to Bilbao.

Ireland ā‡” UK ā‡” Portugal


England ā‡” Spain
20 Hours
Up to 2 times per week
From: 361,00


England ā‡” Spain
28h 30 mins
Up to 2 times per week
From: 273,00


England ā‡” Spain
31h 30 mins
Up to 2 times per week
From: 585,00

Option 3: From Ireland via France to Portugal

This is another alternative you can consider for a trip to Portugal from Ireland. Traveling from Ireland first to France by ferry and then from there travel further down to Portugal. This could be an ideal scenario if you want to combine France or Spain in your vacation or trip to Portugal and have somewhat more time.Ā 

Your route would then be either from Cork to Roscoff, Rosslare to Cherbourg, Rosslare to Dunkirk or from Dublin to Cherbourg. So if you would like to incorporate a visit to France into your trip to Spain this would be a reasonable alternative. Or if you just don't want to spend too much time on a ferry.Ā 

If you want to save a bit on the ferry costs this could be an option too. But keep in mind that you will pay toll fees on the French roads + extra miles on the meter.

Ireland ā‡” France ā‡” Spain


France ā‡” Ireland
24 hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: 400,00


France ā‡” Ireland
14 Hours
Up to 2 times per week
From: 66,00


France ā‡” Ireland
18 Hours
Up to 4 times per week
From: 189,00


France ā‡” Ireland
19 Hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: 278,00

Travel and to do in Portugal

Portugal is a popular vacation destination, there is a lot to see and taste šŸ™‚ Try local delicacies such as the Vinho Verde wine, Pastel de Nata with your morning coffee, or Francesinha for lunch that helps you through the day.Ā 

Or visit and see vibrant cities such as Porto, Lisbon, and the Algarve region. These cities and regions offer a lot to see and do for various travellers. Porto and Lisbon are beautiful in that both have a unique historic centre with many terraces, shops, restaurants, and lively squares with many people.

The Algarve region feels more like a big vacation resort with cosy beach restaurants and somewhat smaller historical Portuguese cities.

In this Southern part of Portugal, you can enjoy sun, sea, sand and, of course, Vinho Verde, fresh barbecued fish, and beautiful scenery. A lot of people in Portugal do speak English.Ā 

Portugal has it all.

FAQ: Ferries to Portugal from Ireland

Not there is not, there is however a direct ferry from Ireland to Spain. This ferry, the ferry from Rosslare to Bilbao is a direct crossing. An ideal start of your vacation / trip while enjoying all things on board of the British Ferries vessels. From Bilbao it's only a couple of hours driving to Portugal. Public Transport from Bilbao is a good alternative.

In summer / peak season you'll probably pay around ā‚¬550 – ā‚¬600 for 2 persons and a car on this trip to Portugal. So around Ā£470 – Ā£510 for a return trip of 2 persons with a cabin and a car.

This would be the most direct one, so Rosslare – Bilbao. The alternatives, so traveling via either France or the UK to Spain will cost you a bit more time.

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