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New ferries will connect Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Sunshine Coast by 2025

Greenline Ferries plans to launch a new Norwegian model of zero-emission all-electric catamaran vessel to link downtown Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Sunshine Coast. If all goes as planned, this high-speed passenger-only ferry will be launched by 2025. The service is primarily intended for people from coastal communities who are searching for an alternative way to get around.

The ferry itself will use two 100% electric-battery vessels traveling with a top speed of 27 knots (50 km/hr). The good news is that these Greenline Ferries vessels will have little noise and almost no vibration. Each vessel can accommodate 150 passengers and is designed to cater to individuals with mobility needs.

“There could be so much more to coastal travel in BC than car ferry service. We like to think of Greenline as the waterway extension to all the new mobility modes that have rewired Vancouver in the past 20 years.”

The founder and CEO of Greenline Ferries, Callum Campbell

He adds “If we really believe the words we say about climate action, about the modal shift, about reducing vehicle kilometers traveled, about equity and accessibility, then a robust passenger-only ferry system is the way to expand our coastal travel. Greenline is here, and we are relentless in making that happen.”

The plan of this new project is to have the company’s docks and terminals located right next to existing transportation hubs. For instance, it is suggested that the outer berths of TransLink’s SeaBus terminal at Waterfront Station would be an ideal location for the downtown Vancouver terminal.

Campbell also adds that the Bowen Island dock could be located in either Seymour Bay or Snug Cove. As for the Sunshine Coast dock, the options are Gibsons Landing or near the Gibsons Public Market.

What to Expect from the New Downtown Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Sunshine Coast Link?

  • The end-to-end travel time for the route between downtown Vancouver and Gibsons is estimated to be around 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • The travel time between downtown Vancouver and Bowen Island with the new electric-battery passenger ferry will be 45 minutes. 
  • There could be as many as about a dozen sailings leaving downtown Vancouver per day
  • The first sailing is planned for 5:50 am, while the last sailing is to be scheduled for 10:20 pm.
  • Convenient pick-up/drop-off areas at the terminals on Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast will be created for passengers who need car transport.

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