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Walk to an island: mudflat hiking

Visit one of the Dutch Wadden Islands in a very special way: instead of getting on the ferry, you just walk! Are you up for a challenge and not afraid to get a bit dirty?

Mudflat hiking: a challenging outdoor activity

You got mud up to your knees and wade through deep gullies where the water level reaches your waist. Mudflat hiking clearly requires some courage. In general, you must be in good shape. But you can make it as hard or easy on yourself as you want. The heavier trips are the crossings to the islands. The mudflat hiking trips to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog are tough, but when you are in a good physical condition you will get there. You can also opt for a wandering trip across the mud flats, a winter trip or even a night trip at full moon. And there are special children's tours for children from 6 years old. [1]

Imagine yourself walking across the seabed

This is one for your bucket list. With every step your foot sucks itself into the mud and at the same time you enjoy the tranquillity of the Dutch Wadden. Watch all the birds and enjoy the special experience of walking on the seabed, with its many mussels, cockles, shrimps and seaweed. It is a unique nature reserve.

Check the difficulty level of the mudflat hiking tour

At low tide you can walk to almost all the Frisian Wadden Islands. One even more adventurous than the other. Not all of them are suitable for inexperienced hikers. Check the internet and find out the level of difficulty of your trip and how best to prepare. Which suitable clothing and sturdy footwear is recommended?

Don't go mudflat hiking on your own: the Wadden Sea can be very treacherous. Mudflat hiking without a licensed guide is very dangerous because of the treacherous currents and the quicksand.

Back by boat

Once you have arrived on Ameland or Schiermonnikoog, you can rinse off the mud and take a meal to regain your strength. Enjoy the island for a while and then catch the ferry back to the mainland. What an experience!

WAD HOPPING – Did you know that you can also Wad hopping between the Wadden Islands? Sail from island to island by ferry and visit several Wadden Islands within 1 trip. Read our tips and put together your own Waddenhop tour

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