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A trip to Tasmania: flying or sailing?

While planning your trip from Australia to Tasmania, you ask yourself: do I take the plane or the ferry? Despite the fact that flying to the island is faster, there are countless reasons why you would rather take the boat.

Good to know: the ferry service to Tasmania is called the Spirit of Tasmania

Advantages of travelling by ferry to Tasmania

1. Bring your own car

That boat is big enough for a lot of people and cars. And, on top of that, the costs are not too high. So just bring your own vehicle. Which means no extra costs for car rental or parking costs at the airport.

2. Take as much luggage as will fit in the trunk of your car

Take as much extra luggage as you need. Such as sportsgear or camping equipment. Don't worry about extra baggage fees; the capacity of your car is the only limit for your luggage.

3. No queuing, no waiting, no stress

Another bonus for traveling by ferry to Tasmania: you do not have to be present hours in advance. No queuing for security and no waiting for your suitcase finally rolling in at baggage claim.

4. The ferry assures you a memorable trip (and plenty of legroom!)

A fascinating sunset and captivating moonlit seascapes. And what do you think of the possibility to stretch your legs at all times? The ferry ride to Tasmania is a unique experience for all ages.

5. Dive straight into your holiday mode

Can’t wait to relax? Boarding the ferry means the start of your holiday. Enjoy fresh seafood in the restaurant and have a drink at the bar. At the end of the day you can relax in your own cabin with private shower. The next morning you arrive well rested in Tasmania after a nice breakfast on the boat.

6. The kids are entertained

The ferry is by far the best travel option for families with children. Boredom is out of the question! A playground, a cinema with the most recent films, a game zone… And during holidays the Spirit of Tasmania even has a real animation team to let the parents relax for a few hours.[1]

7. The ferry is an eco-friendly alternative

Perhaps the most important of all: the ferry is a lot more sustainable way of traveling. You will have a positive impact on our planet by choosing the boat instead of the plane.

Convinced? This is how you get there by boat

Which ferry goes to Tasmania? It is very simple because there is not much to choose from: only one ferry company operates daily from Australia to Tasmania. The Spirit of Tasmania departs from Geelong to Devonport two times a day. The crossing takes about 10 hours. You can travel during the day or opt for an overnight stay and book a cabin.

New ships
Spirit of Tasmania is a reliable ferry company and the ships are well equipped and quite luxurious. Because the fleet needs to be expanded, the shipping company is currently building two new ships. Read all FAQ’s about the new ships on: Spirit of Tasmania website.

What about the ferry crossing from Melbourne?

The Melbourne – Tasmania route stopped in October 2022. From then on the Spirit of Tasmania departed from Geelong. A brand new ferry terminal has been built here for passengers departing for Tasmania.

Sailing to beautiful Tasmania is truly an amazing experience.

Mount Wellington, Tasmania

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  1. Personally, I like the ferry to Tasmania, though I used to depart from Devonport, not sure if Geelong is any material change.

    Ps. The ship can really experience some rough waters, make sure you are prepared for sea sickness for this ferry.

    • Hi Paul, we really have to agree here: People tend to get seasick from this ferry. Especially in wild waters. Geelong so far seeing all reviews tend to be an improvement! So that’s good news!

  2. I was going to comment on how rough the waters were, but after seeing Paul’s comment, that answered it for me! For me, I’m terrified of turbulence on an aeroplane, and I have terrible sea sickness, so it’s a loose-loose situation for me! If anyone has any advice on curing sea sickness, let me know!

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