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Set Sail on Oceania’s Ferry Expeditions: Our blog, news, and research posts under the ‘Oceania’ tag provide a window into the world of ferry travel within this remarkable region.

Unearth insightful articles on ferry routes, captivating travel experiences, and indispensable tips for navigating Oceania’s waterways. For instance our research on how impossible it is to create a route between NZ and AU!

With a specific focus on New Zealand (Wellington-Picton) and Australia, our content offers invaluable insights into the diverse ferry connections and maritime experiences found in these two remarkable Oceania destinations, making us your go-to resource for ferry adventures in the region.

Geelong-Tasmania One Month After

Spirit of Tasmania ferry

On the 23rd of October 2022, the only ferry connection between Tasmania and Australia moved from Melbourne-Devonport to Geelong-Devonport. One month after this move: How are the reviews, what is the ...