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Ferry to Guernsey

Ferries to Guernsey from France and the UK


UK ⇔ Channel Islands
3 Hours
Up to 4 times per week
From: 45,00


UK ⇔ Channel Islands
7 hours
Up to 4 times per week
From: 45,00
Fast Ferry


Channel Islands
1 Hour
Once per day
From: 28,00
Fast Ferry

St Malo-Guernsey

France ⇔ Channel Islands
1h 55 mins.
Up to 5 times per week
From: 47,00

Ferries to Guernsey

Up for a trip to beautiful Guernsey and wondering how to get there? Then you've found the right page to guide you on your ferry trip to Guernsey. Guernsey and Jersey are part of the Channel Islands and close to the French coast.

You can travel to Guernsey from France and the UK by ferry and you can also take the ferry from Jersey to Guernsey.

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Map with crossings to Guernsey

If you want to travel by ferry to Guernsey, you'll be sailing to St. Peter Port in Guernsey and boarding one of the vessels of Condor Ferries.

You can depart from the French coast (St Malo) or the English coastal cities Portsmouth and Poole to Guernsey. There are also crosses from Cherbourg, but these have a bit less regularity. Then there is also the route between Guernsey and Jersey, where you can sail by ferry in about one hour.

This ferry from Guernsey to Jersey and the other way around connects the Channel Islands.

Guernsey, like Jersey, is a popular vacation destination for French and British tourists.

From Portsmouth, you'll be much longer on the ferry itself and can choose to book a night trip. On average, this trip takes you 7 hours to St. Peter Port in Guernsey.

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Travel tip: Book early

The prices for the ferries to the Channel Islands and therefore Guernsey rise sharply as peak season approaches. The ferries and parking decks fill up quickly. Therefore, book far in advance and avoid high additional costs.

Ferries from the UK to Guernsey

From the UK, ferries leave from the ports of Poole and Portsmouth to Guernsey. The ferries from Portsmouth are a bit longer on their way than those from Poole to Guernsey, as the route is also a bit longer.

From Poole, you'll be around 3 hours onboard one of the Condor Ferries. From Portsmouth, the trip will take you in 7 hours to Guernsey. The ferries to Guernsey are in high demand during summer when many British and French tourists visit the Channel Islands. On the way back, from Guernsey to Portsmouth, you'll make a stopover via Jersey and be on the sea a bit longer: 12 hours and 55 mins.

Ferries from Portsmouth to Guernsey sail up to 5 times a week; from Poole to Guernsey, there are up to 4 sailings per week. Are you sailing to the Channel Islands? Then it is often a day crossing. From Guernsey to the UK, you can sail with the night crossing.

Ferries from France to Guernsey

From France, you'll be traveling from the port of St Malo to St Peter Port in Guernsey. This ferry will take you in about 1 hour and 55 minutes to Guernsey, this ferry can have a stopover in Jersey and then continue to Guernsey. 

Fast Ferry 1 Condor-Ferries-logo
From: 47,00
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Ferries from Jersey to Guernsey

The ferries also sail from Jersey to Guernsey and the other way around. On this crossing, you'll be sailing with the Condor Voyager, the fast ferry. If so, the duration of your trip will be approximately 1 hour. If you sail with one of the conventional ferries Condor Ferries then this crossing will get you there in about 2 hours. 

Depending on the season, there are about one or two daily sailings between these two Channel Islands.

Fast Ferry 1 Condor-Ferries-logo
From: 28,00
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About Guernsey

Guernsey channel islands

Both Jersey and Guernsey are part of the Channel Islands and are popular vacation destinations for French and British tourists in the summer. During summer, ferry prices will rise quickly and often be fully booked.

From St Peter Port in Guernsey, the city centre is only 5 minutes away, and a drive around Guernsey doesn't take longer than an hour.

Guernsey is located 50 km west of the Normandy coast of Bretagne (Brittany). Guernsey is known for its rich history, culture and amazing scenery. If you want to stroll along the cobbled streets, enjoy a lovely meal in one of the many restaurants or enjoy the beach and the bays, Guernsey offers it all. 

Want to read more about the beautiful Channel Islands? Make sure to read our guide on the Gorgeous Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions: ferry to Guernsey

Only Condor Ferries operates on the routes to Guernsey. There are a couple of different crossings though: you can either sail from France, the UK, or from Jersey to Guernsey

The shortest ferry is the ferry from St Malo to Guernsey. With this ferry you'll be in 1 hour and 55 minutes from the French coastal city of St Malo to Guernsey. Even quicker is the fast ferry from Guerney to Jersey that will take you between the Channel Island in just around 1 hour.

The cheapest ferries to Guernsey are the ferries leaving from St Malo, this is also the shortest route to the Channel Island Archipelago.

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