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St Malo-Guernsey

Fast Ferry


This ferry is operated by Condor Ferries. Always check the prices before booking and the latest travel information before departure.

Duration 1h 55 mins.
Sailings Up to 5 times per week
Distance 100 km, 65 miles
2p+Car+Return in our estimation £220
Operated by Condor Ferries
Destination(s) Channel Islands, 🇫🇷 France
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Condor Ferries sails with the Condor Voyager on this route from St Malo to Guernsey and vice versa and takes you in about 1 hour and 55 mins to the scenic Channel Island of Guernsey. The ferry from St Malo to Guernsey often makes a stopover in Jersey and then sails further to Guernsey.

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Ferry to St Malo and Guernsey

Close to the French coast you'll find the Channel Islands where you can get by ferry to either Guernsey or Jersey. From St Malo you can travel by ferry to Guernsey with Condor Ferries with the high speed ferry Condor Voyager in just 1 hour and 55 minutes in peak season. This ferry sails from St Malo port to St Peter port in Guernsey. Whether you're driving or a foot passenger, the heart of Guernsey is only 5 minutes away from the town center.

Guernsey has stunning beaches, historic sights and plenty of choices for a memorable meal, snack or drink. You can travel by foot, car, motorhome or bike to Guernsey.

From St Malo to Jersey Guernsey is a one hour time difference.

Route Map St Malo - Guernsey

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