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Toulon to Porto Vecchio ferry

Crossing Toulon ⇒ Corsica
Departure 🇫🇷 France
Destination(s) 🇫🇷 Corsica
Operated by Corsica Ferries
Sailings Up to 2 Times p/week
Distance 199 miles, 320 km
Duration 14 Hours
Vessel type Cruiseferry
Night Crossing Yes
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The Toulon-Porto-Vecchio ferry takes you from the French Riviera to Corsica in 12 hours. You can enjoy various facilities and entertainment on board and bring your car, bike or pet. The ferry runs several times per week and lets you discover the beauty and diversity of Corsica.

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Ferry route map

This crossing is particularly advantageous for those with plans to stay in or near Porto Vecchio. Spanning nearly 200 miles or 320 kilometers, the direct route between these ports connects tourists with the unique charm of Corsica's landscape.

Price & Tickets

On the journey from Toulon to Porto Vecchio, you'll travel a significant distance aboard a cruise ferry. Since the voyage takes place overnight, booking a cabin is required, which incurs an additional cost. However, if you book early, the price on this route can be more reasonable.

The fares vary greatly depending on several factors: the size of your traveling party, the timing of your booking, and the specific day you choose to travel. The cost also differs if you're bringing a vehicle like a car or camper and opt for a higher-quality cabin. For example, a single ticket for one person might cost around €160, while a family trip could exceed €500.

To get a clear idea of the expenses involved, it's recommended to use our booking tool. This tool also compares prices with other service providers and from different ports, offering a comprehensive overview of your options.


Port Location

🗺️ Toulon ferry port (Google Maps)
🗺️ Porto Vecchio ferry port (Google Maps)


Wondering about the weather you'll face on your journey from Toulon to Porto Vecchio? Whether it's the calm before a storm or clear skies with seas as smooth as glass, the maps below provide a clear snapshot of what to expect on the ferry route.

Wind speed and direction