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New York-Statue of Liberty


Duration 1 Hour
Operated by Statue citycruises
Distance 3 Miles, 5 km
Sailings Up to 20 times per day
Destination(s) 🇺🇸 USA

The Liberty State Park ferry embarks from Jersey City, New Jersey, sailing 2.5 miles across the Hudson River in a 15-20 minute journey to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, accommodating hundreds of visitors with frequent departures every 20-30 minutes, allowing for an unforgettable experience to explore the Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

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NY to Liberty and Ellis Islands

Discover the famed NY ferry (Be sure you are on the NY side and don't want to leave from Jersey) and ride to Liberty Island and Ellis Island—a gateway to American history.

Journey across the waters, exploring landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Witness over 4.5 million annual visitors, immerse yourself in exhibits spanning from 1892 to 1954, and relish the breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.

Battery Park NY
  • Departure Harbor: Battery Park, Lower Manhattan, New York.
  • Destination: Liberty Island, Ellis Island.
  • Views: Stunning Manhattan skyline.

The ferry departs from Liberty State Park, located in Jersey City, New Jersey, and sails across the Hudson River to reach the historic islands. With its strategic location, the park is an ideal starting point for exploring the Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

  • Typically, the ferry runs from early morning until late afternoon, with departures every 20-30 minutes during peak seasons.
  • The trip from Liberty State Park to Liberty Island and Ellis Island is relatively short, taking approximately 15-20 minutes.
Once passengers disembark at Liberty Island, they can explore the grounds and visit the u003cstrongu003eStatue of Libertyu003c/strongu003e. Visitors can choose to ascend the pedestal or even the crown of the statue of Liberty, for this, however, you need reservations, which are not easy (at the moment for the crown even impossible) to get.

Ellis Island Stop

The ferry also stops at Ellis Island, where passengers can explore the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. This historical landmark provides a captivating journey through America's immigration history, featuring exhibits, photographs, and personal stories of the millions of immigrants who passed through its doors.

These tickets are without Pedestal access, if you do want entry, read below:

Statue of Liberty
One of the millions of pictures of the Statue of Liberty =)

Ps. Bookings for the crown are sold out 99% of the time, for visiting the Pedestal, you have to either seek combi tickets in the range of $40/$50 for one person. Or look here. They are not always available.

Route Map

The map includes detailed information about the two lines that get you to the Statue of Liberty. (From NY and New Jersey)


Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

The ferry between NY and the Statue of Liberty is currently operated by: Statue City Cruises. This is the only official operator for this ferry, through our website, you are booking (reputable) guides who also book these ferries through Statue City Cruises.

How long does the Statue of Liberty crossing take?

The trip from NY to Liberty Island and Ellis Island is relatively short, taking approximately 15-20 minutes. This allows visitors to maximize their time on the islands and make the most of their visit. If you look at the total time of this trip, you have to schedule about 2 hours.

How often does the ferry sail?

One of the new ferries in the world that doesn't need a schedule, you can simply depart all day.

New York-Statue of Liberty
New York-Statue of Liberty