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P&O Ferry Sails again on most Connections

The troubles at P&O Ferries were tough to miss in the media last few weeks / months:

P&O Ferries has sparked outrage after sacking 800 staff with plans to replace them with cheaper agency workers.

BBC News: Outrage and no ferries after mass P&O sackings

Stena Line's Simon Palmer said: “Due to the suspension of P&O's services into Northern Ireland there were supply fears in the region.” explained.

Wales Online: Ferry sailings on busy route scrapped as ships used to cover P&O loss

However P&O has resumed most ferry connections

The problems surrounding these huge HR moves by P&O also had a large impact on the connections and on passengers who simply wanted to take the routes from P&O:

  • Hull to Rotterdam (currently resumed again)
  • Dover to Calais (currently you have to rebook to DFDS, which P&O helps you with)
  • Liverpool to Dublin (currently resumed again)
  • Cairnryan to Larne (currently resumed again)

After the 18th of March all connections were impossible to make, now however 3 out of 4 connections are working on schedule again. Only the Dover to Calais connection remains troubled. This however may change soon as P&O has 100% focus on getting these connections up and running again.

Best Source for Real time P&O updates:

Right after the changes Twitter with P&O ferry updates became the best source to see what you have to do with your ferry bookings:

All P&O Connections on FerryGoGo who are sailing again:


P&O Ferries is currently the only ferry company that operates on the Hull-Rotterdam route. You can find all the …
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