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Isle of Skye: fairy tales do exist

Imagine majestic mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes and lush green valleys. Breath taking cliffs overlooking the sea. This is Isle of Skye. An island that enchants every nature lover.

The enchanting scenery of the Isle of Skye

Scotland is a fantastic destination anyway, but the beauty of the Isle of Skye is truly stunning. Characteristic of this Scottish island are the dramatic green rocky landscapes. The whole island feels like a fairytale, but there are some highlights that you really shouldn't miss. These are the most beautiful places on the Isle of Skye:[1]

  • The iconic Old Man of Storr is an imposing rock formation rising from the ground. Beautiful for walking. Tip: go early in the day so that it is still relatively quiet, as the Old Man of Storr is a popular hotspot
  • The Quiraing: a spectacular mountain pass with sharp peaks and rolling green hills is a paradise for walkers and photographers. For the most sensational views you really have to do the hike. And when it rains you can simply admire the landscape from the car.
  • The Fairy Pools: Take a refreshing dip in the clear blue waterfalls and rock pools of The Fairy Pools
  • Fairy Glenn: another fairytale place of rolling green hills
Quirang - Isle of Skye Scotland

Ancient stories and Scottish legends

But there is more… It is not only the wild nature that makes the Isle of Skye so attractive. The island also has a rich history and culture. For example, visit the historic castle Dunvegan Castle – seat of the clan McLeod – on top of a rock on the shore of Loch Dunvegan. Wander through picturesque villages like Portree and enjoy the local hospitality, delicious food and of course the genuine Scotch whisky.

Bridge or ferry to Isle of Skye?

There are 3 major ferry ports on Skye[2]

  1. Armadale (mainland departure port: Mallaig)
  2. Sconser (connection to Isle of Raasay)
  3. Uig (connections to: North Uist and Harris)
The Calmac ferry company operates all ferry services to the Isle of Skye

You can also drive to this fairytale island: the (free) Skye bridge connects the island to the mainland. Kyle of Lochalsh is the place you drive to if you want to cross the bridge to the Isle of Skye.

On holiday to Scotland? Get on the boat from mainland Europa

Allow enough time for your driving holiday to the Isle of Skye. Because let's face it, Scotland isn't next door if you travel from mainland Europe. The upside: your holiday feeling starts to tickle as soon as you board the ferry!

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