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Ferry to Mull

How to travel to the isle of Mull by ferry


Scotland ⇔ Mull
36 minutes
From: 4,00


Scotland ⇔ Mull
18 minutes
From: 3,00


Scotland ⇔ Mull
48 minutes
From: 4,00

Isle of Mull ferries

The ferries to Mull sail from three different locations. When arriving from the East (or from te direction Glasgow), the most handy ferry is the one that departs from Oban. 

See on the ferry map below where the ferries to Mull sail.

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Map with crossings to Mull

The map shows 3 ferry routes to Mull. The shortest crossing is from Lochaline to Fishnish. Most people travel from Oban to Mull.

During summer it is wise to make a reservation for the boat from Oban.

Isle of Mull

Mull ferry arrives at Oban

The Mull ferry arrives at Oban

The island of Mull is a somewhat larger island within the Inner Hebrides and is known for its beautiful nature. You can go there to spot: Eagles, otters, deer, seals and many different fish species. for example whales, dolphins and basking sharks.

Island hopping thanks to Calmac's ferry network

Mull ferry

CalMac Ferries Ltd, also known as Caledonian MacBrayne, is a ferry operator owned by the Scottish Government. It is the largest ferry operator to the main islands on the west coast of Scotland.[1]Caledonian MacBrayne, The ferries connect The Hebrides with Scotland. 

The area is very suitable for Island hopping. In this way you get to know the unique atmosphere and nature of different islands. Check our handy ferry map of the Hebrides to get a good view of the possibilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The ferry crossings are operated by Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac).

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  1. Hi
    We are travelling from Australia to UK in September, and we are after ferry info that has sailing times between Tobermory and Kilchoan. We need to be in Fort William by 12.30pm on Sunday Sept 24th , so would need to catch a 9am ferry that day – I can't see what time the ferry crossings start, the ferry company just says “available all day”

  2. Hi Doug,

    We double-checked, and the first ferry from Tobermory to Kilchoan departs at 7:20, there is also a ferry leaving at 9:30. If you pick that one you arrive at Kichoan at 10:05, it will be a 2-hour drive (at least) so you will arrive at ~12:15 at Fort William. The timing all depends a bit on how strict the 12:30 is. If you take the 7:20 you'll have much more time to take it easy =)

    more info also here:—Kilchoan

  3. Hi everyone, is the ferry Oban-Craignure available all year? We are arriving from Spain on 27th Nov and on their website there is no timetable beyond the 22nd!

  4. Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for your question!

    Check the winter timetables here:

    Quite sure this will help you!

    ~ Jochem

  5. Hello – wanting to book ferry from Oban to Isle of Mull with a vehicle. Question is, do I purchase a ‘vehicle' ticket by itself or do I also need to buy 2 passenger tickets (as well as the car ticket)? Guess that depends if you are allowed to sit in your car? Just wanting to buy now. Thank you!

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    1Caledonian MacBrayne,