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High-speed emission free catamaran to US

New York Cruise Lines and Green City Ferries together will launch the first zero-emissions passenger ferry in the US. The two companies will make use of the Beluga24 vessel.

The ferry has a capacity of 147 passengers and about 30 bicycles. Besides the zero emissions, it's also a low-vibration, ultra-quiet ship. In that way, it's a unique experience coming to NYC in the near future. IT won't be the first commercial deployment of the Beluga24, since early 2023 it will already launch in Stockholm / Sweden.

“We expect a consumption of 30 kWh per nautical mile at 30 knots, which is almost half of what a conventional catamaran consumes,”

Fredrik Thornell

This ferry will be built in the US resulting in domestic job opportunities in the shipbuilding industry in the US.

At FerryGoGo we've spent a lot of research into the emission research of various ferries and this is the first step towards carbon neutrality which of course we will always support as well as we can.

More info about the Green City Ferry. the Beluga24

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