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This Ferry is operated by Brittany Ferries. Always check the prices before booking and the latest travel information before departure.

Destination(s) 🇵🇹 Portugal
Operated by Atlantic Ferries
Sailings Up to 40 times per day
Duration 25 Minutes
Distance 530 miles, 850 km
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 40

The ferry from Setubal to Troia and from Troia to Setubal is one of Portugal’s most popular ferry routes. With over 40 sailings daily of the ferry and the catamaran combined it has a frequent sailing schedule. This ferry takes you from Setubal to Troia in about 25 minutes.

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Ferry to Setúbal and Troia (Soltroia)

The ferry between Setubal and Troia (Soltroia) is a popular ferry route in Portugal, connecting Setubal with the peninsula of Troia. Setubal is located just south of Lissabon, and the ferry to Troia leaves from Setubal around 28 times per day; during the day, the ferry sails every 30 minutes. The crossing itself is around 7 km and 25 minutes with the ferry.

You can also sail on this route with a catamaran ferry which is even a bit faster and makes the crossing only 15 minutes. The crossing is around 7 kilometre, depending on whether you take the catamaran to Troia or the ferry to Soltroia.

The ferry from Setubal to Troia and vice versa is one of the most popular ferries in Portugal. On the ferry to Troia, you can travel as a foot passenger but also bring your bike, car, trailer and caravan. On the catamaran ferry, you can only travel as a foot passenger.

Foot passenger tickets start at €5,60 – tickets for two persons and a car are around €24,-. The catamaran ferry from Setubal to Troia is around €9,-.

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The ferry from Setubal to Troia is a convenient way of travelling and avoiding a detour to the Troia Peninsula. This is a very popular ferry with frequent sailings.

On this route, you'll sail with the Portuguese ferry company Atlantic Ferries.

Ferry to Setubal and Troia costs

For the ferry to Troia from Setubal and vice versa you can expect the following prices:

  • Tickets start at €5,60
  • Two persons + 1 car is around €23,-
  • Catamaran ferry to Troia: €8,80

Schedule Setúbal-Troia

There is a small difference in the sailing schedule between weekends and weekdays for this ferry. Combined with the catamaran ferry, there are more than 40 daily sailings.

Route Map Troia – Setubal

The map includes detailed information about the ferry between Troia and Setubal, including the departure and arrival ports and routes. 

FAQ Troia - Setubal

Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

The ferry Troia and Setubal is being operated by Atlantic Ferries; Atlantic Ferries sails with a ferry and a catamaran on this route and offers in total more than 40 daily sailings.

How long does the Troia - Setubal crossing take?

The travel time of the ferry from Setubal to Troia is 15 or 25 minutes, depending if you board the catamaran or the normal ferry. The route is around 7 km