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Sailings Up to 2 times per week
Destination(s) 🇲🇦 Morocco
Operated by GNV
Duration 40 Hours
Distance 1500 km, 935 miles
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 652

The Sète – Tangier ferry is a popular crossing to get to Morocco from France. You will be on the boat for about 40-49 hours. The trip is provided by the company GNV.

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Ferry Sète – Tangier

The ferry from Sète to Tangier is a popular crossing. This boat sails from the south of France to Morocco, so the trip through Spain can be skipped. Depending on where you're traveling from, this can save a lot of driving.

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Booking this crossing can sometimes be difficult. It can therefore be nice to have a ferry specialist help you.

Timetable Sète – Tangier

There is no fixed schedule for the sailings of the Sète-Tangier crossing. The boats sail on different days, and for a good picture it is best to use a booking module.


  • High season: 2 times a week departure at 20:00
  • Low season: 1 time per week departure at 20:00


  • High season: 2 times a week departure time varies.
  • Low season: 1 time per week departure at 22:00

Times can vary considerably per sailing, so check the exact departure time and sailing time when booking.

Departure, sailing time & arrival

How far in advance do you need to be present?

If you are traveling with or without a vehicle, GNV will indicate that you must report to embarkation 4 hours before departure. Check-in closes at least 60 minutes before departure. However, with these long crossings it is advisable to be present much longer in advance. On the way back you need to be present even longer in advance. In Tangier, check-in closes 4 hours before departure. Consult the GNV website for this and look under the menu item ‘ports'

Starting point Sète

Gare Maritime Orsetti

34200 Sete, France

Travel time Sète-Tangier

The crossing takes in the direction of Morocco:

39 hours 45 minutes to 43 hours

45 to 48 hours and 45 minutes

The crossing from Morocco to Italy can take a little longer:

40 hrs 15 min to 43 hrs 30 min

41 hours to 45 hours and 45 minutes

Ferry to Sète and Tangier costs

The starting prices start at around €80. In practice, however, you can expect much higher prices. A booking in the summer months with a family of 2 adults and a child with a car and cabin quickly costs at least €1100.

About Nador

Tangier, Tangiers, Tangier, Tánger طنجة, The city has many different spellings and a long history. It is an important port and trade center and the city has excellent road and rail links to Fès, Meknès, Rabat and Casablanca, as well as an international airport and regular shipping services to Europe.[1]Tangier, Britannica

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that are often asked about this crossing:

Which ferry companies operate between Sète and Tangier

The route is currently only served by the Italian shipping company Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV).

What are good alternatives for this crossing?

A frequently chosen crossing with the destination Morocco is Sète-Nador
1Tangier, Britannica